A Poet’s Reverie by Carl Porten

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About the Author

Carl Porten is an aspiring poet, a freelance writer and author of his new book of poems “A Poet’s Reverie”. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Paulo Coelho. This has been so true for Carl. Writing poems had always been on his bucket list and with this book, eventually, this dream has become a reality. He is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and being a vegan himself has been a part of many famous animal rights, vegan, earth and oceans conservation groups like Sea Shepherd and allied campaigns. Having an open ended approach to spirituality through respecting all life forms is what makes his poems so unique. His writings spanmany decades.Carl has developed an unique insight that illuminates through this book, that speaks for all of us.Carl’s abstract style of writing while describing his experiences extract emotions that can move your heart as if they were your very own, evoking an array of feelings as his words connect your soul to reflections rarely seen. A lifelong writer, Carl has been interpreting his unique perspectives within his poetry. With this first publication, he has become eligible for Wordsbrew Authors’ Award. His first collection of these poems is certain to cascade you through time and space, as if you were there yourself. Through this book, A Poet’s Reverie , the first of his many books, Carl has plans to publish, the readers will be able to relate to his journey, while they travel and share his enriching experiences through his vast imaginarium and itinerary of his vocal poems.

About the Book

A collection of words written from the heart to encapsulate the hearts within us all… 

A soulful collection of rhymical poetry by Carl Porten, an upcoming author, presents through his words, his life’s pathway, and his own reasons for change… Is there a story where you are the hero? Where will your hero take you?

Allow the elements of life to mould for us a canvas, to paint your dream… Follow your mind down pathways, far past the stars, deep into imagination, where emotion takes you by the hand as you sprint, as you’re dragged, swayed in the current of this emotional pull, as your hand is pulled by the hand of emotion, holding yours leading you to the next adventurous ride.

This collection of poetry, snatched from deep within the heart, perfectly ensembles a point in time where reality collides with dreams, asking the reader to stretch until all that remains, is your own blank canvas…

John Milton from Paradise Lost says; “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”…So come, let us all explore the views of this world through the emotions of many, as you read through the words that make this, this that is , the life of Carl Porten. These writings will certainly evoke any resting emotions, as you’re swept away through currents that pit insanity against sanity, dreams against desire, and love against hate… But let not go of the lifeline, for with, love will always return you to safety…

This book is dedicated to the enduring, loving memory of late Pradipta Palit (Ghosh), and many future publications that Carl plans to write, was inspired by this late compassionate lady, Pradipta Palit, the mother of Carl’s fiancée, Suparna. When her life’s wish, to write and publish such books, recognizing the pain and suffering of so many, was suddenly stolen by her early departure from this world to her heavenly abode, on December 4th 2019, along with her dream to start the trust she birthed within her heart many years earlier, Carl took the challenge to nurture her beautiful dream, working to fulfill her commitment to one day open “The Pradipta Palit Trust” with her daughter, Suparna (‘Clair’ as Carl refers to her).

Read the Excerpt

The Arms of a Mother…

As storks flew in skies

‘neath winds blown by love,

with angels surrounding

in guise of white doves,

one stork stood apart,

who carried a heart

to the arms of a mother,

…chosen by God.

Such love this child felt,

through days an’ through eve’s,

could never be measured

by human beings,

an’ mother I’m glad,

with a heart strong an’ true.

…That could only be moulded,

by someone like you…

Through roughness of oceans

as waves swept away,

you threw out a lifeline

an’ showed me the way.

An’ the love that was felt,

in this heart of mine,

from catching your lifelines

time after time,

saving a child

whose “own” never could.

Mom I’ll love you forever,

…your boy made of wood.

Through time an’ through distance

this heart evermore,

…gives thanks to that stork,

that brought me to your door…

I know though not always,

I’ve laid at your door,

with thanks that I should,

but believe this and more…

1From now on my armour

will never disguise,

the love from my heart

that I’ve kept deep inside,

but will lay to your feet mother,

all my heart holds.

…An’ a hand that will never…

…ever let go…

By Carl Porten

Across Time and Space…

As my eyes rest

my mind begins jottin’,

an’ walks through a place

that I feel I’ve forgotten,

as flowers fall softly

from tables once dawned,

to land upon laneways

I’ve walked down before…

An’ within the crowd

glowing orange appears,

left only to fade

when my footsteps draw near?

“I don’t know why I’ve come here!”

I scream from the crowd.

There’s no way she can’t hear!

I scream so freakin’ loud!

But always a moment

spectators allow,

…as I see her again

stand alone in the crowd,

again in haste racing

magic appears

I get ten steps away,

an’ she’s gone disappeared…

Sometimes I think

life is a dream,

a story to read

as I drift off to sleep,

but as time passes by

an’ the steps in my life

match exactly my dreams,

where they’d stepped just last night,

leadin’ a heart

searchin’ for answers

an’ knowin’ one day

when he looks up an’ glances…

…the sway in the breeze

of her orange robe,

but doesn’t rush over,

…he’s already home.

By Carl Porten

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