Book Recommendation: “3 / Fantastia: The Lost World of Happines” by Ramona Mirela Danciu

Deal Score+3
Deal Score+3

Brief description of the book

3 / Fantastia: The Lost World of Happines is about two children Mara-Ana and Yustin-Cătălin who go in an adventure. There they will learn to defeat the three witches’ bad CARE, HATE and LIE and will be able to heal the daughter of the great see Queen called also TRUST with a magical solution called LOVE! These stories will learn the Kids about things that really deserve to be important and cherished! About the importance of the mother in a child’s life, about Respect and Common Sense, about Dream and his brother Hope, about everything that really counts! The kids will learn also that no matter many toys you have is nothing more important than the family! All the characters in this story are magical and are on the taste and soul of each child the story in keeping is a special story for children just that it is very educational therefore is part of the children’s specialist books!

About the author

Ramona Mirela Danciu (Neculae) is the first Romanian writer who wrote a trilogy for children, this is called – Fantastia! She has published over 15 books of which 10 are for children only. She says: “I write from love for childhood, from love for children. Because no treasure is more expensive than childhood!”

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