Interviewing Christina Foxwell and Introducing Her Book “Grow Me”

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Interviewing Christina Foxwell

Today, we have the pleasure to interview Christina Foxwell, Founder and Managing Director at Ignite Purpose and the author of “Grow Me.” Let’s get to know more about her.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Christina Foxwell from Australia. Having been in HR, recruitment, consulting, training and executive leadership for many years, I knew something was lacking in the corporate world. I felt strongly there was a missed opportunity to engage, equip and make people feel valued and in return, there would ideally be growth, alignment and increased business performance. So with this burning belief, I set up Ignite Purpose in 2012 to support and encourage growth in the clients I work with on a daily basis. Following my many years of experience in this field, I have seen people step into growth, achieve the unexpected and succeed together. I am, therefore, a firm believer that people can unlock their purpose, joy, development and performance. My work firmly believes that any organisation can achieve a successful high-performing culture by engaging in clarity, inclusivity, honesty, clear vision and measurement. In essence, I have based all my research and programs on the delicate balance between people and performance.

As a team at Ignite Purpose, we are inspired to grow, learn and step into an uncomfortable place of unlocking change. The change and growth we have seen in leadership teams, cultures and most importantly, the people we work with keep us motivated to continue making a difference. Along with career development and my own personal growth journey, I have authored two “human stories,” which I believe can help all ages understand fundamental issues that are prevalent in everyday life. On a personal level, I am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter and sister. I am perfectly imperfect in my life and embrace my story as my gift. The biggest growth piece I continue to learn from is showing vulnerability and staying connected, learning from my world every day and allowing myself to be loved.

What is this book about?

This book is called GROW ME. It is a guide to self-development. It has been written to help support your growth and performance, personally and professionally. This is a practical guide to recognise where to start (in growth), how to reflect and take ownership of who you are, and where you take your life. Some of the benefits to GROW ME are; better relationships with the people in your life, a shift in how you see and experience your world, an increase in your ability to be more effective at your work and life challenges. Finally, if we all work on who we are, we will learn how to be better together, create the culture we want to live and thrive in and ensure we all use what we have to be purposeful. Why not control the things you have and become the ME you want to BE?

What motivated you to write this book?

I have been in the “People” business from over 20 years. From recruitment to learning and development and organisational growth. I have lead organisations and I have been led. The challenge was and is behaviour change or even being better together. About 10 years ago I decided to start my own performance improvement practice, called Ignite Purpose. I realised at that stage that any growth we wanted to see in behaviours, cultures and organisations would have to start with each person. Since then, I have worked in organisations as a Performance Coach and facilitator and with my team at Ignite Purpose we have set out to make a difference in people and organisations. I am dyslexic so I avoided writing even though I LOVE reading and WRITING. It took a lot of courage for me to start putting my thoughts down, I started writing articles for my practice based on the work we were doing. I realised they had merit and made people think and created growth. Over the last two years, I have written two human stories and now this growth guide. The reason is simple, to make a difference in one person’s life a day. It’s simply my purpose. I realise I can help people think, reflect and consider in a simple way to unlock their growth and happiness.

Where did you get your information or ideas for your books? 

I do a lot of work on ME, I am always reading and researching authors, thought leaders and researchers. This journey has to start inside me in order to help others, and I believe you can’t give what you don’t have. I love Brene Brown, Shawn Achor, Echart Tolle, Shirzad Chamine and of course, John C Maxwell.

What is your favorite part of the book? Why?

I have to say I love it all. I wanted to share my story with others throughout the chapters to make it real and meaningful, and I hope I have achieved that.

How long did it take to write this book? 

Oh Gosh, it’s my second attempt at this book and NOW I am on a roll. I would say around eight months from start to finish.

How did your book get published? Why did you choose to publish your book in this way?

I have self-published my book as I use the principles and concepts every day in our work. I wanted to create a simple self-growth guide that would help us lock deeper growth in our clients here in Australia and in Asia. When our clients go on programs with us, they get copies of our different books based on the work we are doing with them. We are now launching in Kindle and Amazon and also have a shop on our website. We will post our hard copy books to any place in the world!

Anything you would like to share with our readers?

I hope that the work I do, and we do, will reach people, help them think differently about their world, and unlock their potential, to be better at work and life. To live happier and maybe to start the continued journey of unlocking the layers of their TRUE SELF. Finally, why not connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook? I would love to have you in my world!

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