Interviewing Ramona Mirela Danciu and An Introduction of Her Book “3 / Fantastia: The Lost World of Happines”

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Interviewing Ramona Mirela Danciu

Today, we have the pleasure to interview Ramona Mirela Danciu, author of “3 / Fantastia: The Lost World of Happines.” Ramona Mirela Danciu (Neculae) is the first Romanian writer who wrote a trilogy for children, this is called – Fantastia! She has published over 15 books of which 10 are for children only. According to her, “I’m a child in the body of a woman. I believe in angels and magical creatures, I believe in kindness, friendship and love. Sometimes, I simply feel like I have wings. I think I’m just a human being, but with a soul of angel and face of the princess.” Below are our interview questions, and let’s get to know more about her.

Can you tell us what is this book about?

It’s a fantastic story about that perfect world that any child wants, and yet in this story, the child gets separated from the most important person in his life, his mother. This story makes the child realize that no sweets and no toys in the world are more precious than the mother and brings the child to understand the real moral values in this world we live in – quite disoriented, in my opinion.

What motivated you to write this book?

I write from love for childhood – the most beautiful period of my life and the most beautiful period of a man’s life – and love for children, the purest beings with the warmest soul.

Where did you get your information or ideas for your books?

Since I was seven years old, I was dreaming of the moment when I would write Fantastia – a fantastic, unforgettable story that would satiate the imagination of the most curious children as I was, sometimes. A story that helps the child who reads it to feel unique, fantastic and unpredictable powers that give him more self-confidence, that make him feel special and understand that every man has the power to write his own story – preferably a beautiful, magical story that could help and inspire others.

What is your favorite part of the book? Why?

I cannot say I have a favorite part of the Fantastia book, this story is part of me, but I always remember the smile on children’s lips when, behind the mountains, on the Water of Forgetfulness, appears a beautiful unicorn, hope, then I realize that, in real life, hope is absolutely wonderful, nothing is more powerful than hope, it is magical.

How long did it take to write this book? Why?

When I wrote Fantastia, the first story in the Fantastia trilogy – my first published book for children – I simply imagined and I was talking to my children (the first two of my children) about such a perfect world and how it would look like, what we would do there and how we could live in that world… And so the story of my magic world came to life, a world where I would withdraw to anytime… Fantastia.

How did your book get published? Why did you choose to publish your book in this way?

When I was seven years old, I wanted to write a story to be called Fantastia, to tell people about a magical world. Then I had two children and Fantastia was just a dream somewhere forgotten… I did not even have a clue about what I should do and where I should go with my story to have a book published. I succeeded, in the end, to find the publishing house to believe in this story, to believe in Fantastia. That was the most beautiful moment in my life and I will never forget it. That was a moment already planned, I think, by someone from above, long ago. Today, Fantastia is translated and published not only in Romanian but also in English and in German!

How do you see Fantastia story in the future?

As I have seen it since I was seven years old… I see Fantastia at a famous show in America, a show in which they read to the wonderful children, a show that would make them smile and make me realize that I fulfilled my dream, that I have succeeded and indeed my Fantastia changes lives.

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