Interviewing Robert Steiger and An Introduction of His Book “Cindi’s Fella”

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Interviewing Robert Steiger

Today, we have the pleasure to interview Robert Steiger, author of “Cindi’s Fella.” Below is our interview and let us know more about our featured author.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My personality type is that of a Challenger. I pursue truth and have been told I am unwilling to compromise on what I know is correct. I am self-sufficient and thrive when I am faced with an obstacle. I have always been adventurous and somewhat of a risk-taker. I have a crusading spirit for the meaningful things in life and don’t get caught up in the small battles that only eat away at what is most precious to me “Time”.

I started life at a very early age as a young Father. Which lead me on a journey of necessity rather than fulfillment, but this allowed me to gain an appreciation of relishing my time and realizing that you only get one go around.

I spent a few years trying to find myself if you will and where I fit in. I joined the Army, then spent a few years as a security and bodyguard. However, I could not fulfill my mind’s desire for knowledge so I began pursuing mental stimulation. I graduated from university in business then I pursued a management career with great success before going into business for myself which would allow me the best advantage and the freedom to chase my desire “To improve myself through Knowledge and Writing.

I have participated in many hobbies during my life from Baseball, Football, Golfing, Tennis, Archery, Shooting, Scuba Diving, Sky diving, Rock climbing, Spelunking, pretty much anything that would challenge me, or give me a thrill. I lived by the belief that “You should scare yourself a little bit every day so you can appreciate having a tomorrow to look forward to.

I was born in 1967, in the small town of Kelowna B.C Canada. I have lived all over Canada from far northern B.C to a small fishing village on the East coast. I have traveled all over the US and Mexico. I have even spent a year living on my Boat traveling around the western seaboard.

I now own and live on a small farm in southern B.C, Canada where we sell our Organic products, and I still manage and operate my small construction Business while I follow my passion for writing.

What is this book about?

It is a traditional Cinderella story that takes place in modern times with a bit of Indiana Jones and espionage thriller mixed in.

What motivated you to write this book?

A belief in true love and desire for adventure. I think everyone has a little bit of storyteller in them and this allowed me to share one of my stories.

Where did you get your information or ideas for your books?

The original idea was probably born from reading and watching several love stories that always seemed to be targeted at women, so it gave me the idea to write something that would appeal to both women and men. I got most of the knowledge from a mix of some of my adventure travels and career experience.

What is your favorite part of the book? Why?

It is hard to say I am a romantic at heart, but I would say the jungle adventures because I love the jungle so the excitement and comedy the two share while trekking through the jungle is probably the best part of it, plus they find and secret there.

How long did it take to write this book?

It was about a year in the development of the idea if you don’t count the time it took traveling around as part of the inspiration, but only about 4 months of actual writing time.

How did your book get published? Why did you choose to publish your book in this way?

I self-published my book. I chose to go this route because the more formal way is a much longer and discriminating path. My desire was to get the story out so people could enjoy it rather than having to spend time crossing T and dotting i before it became available for the public.

 Is there anything else you would like to share in this interview? 

A lot of this book is based on real places and actual adventures I have experienced. So while it is not a true story it is a mix of truths that have been embellished on with a dash of imagination.

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