10 Top 10s From A 10 Percenter: Over 100 Essential Acting Career Tips From A Hollywood Agent

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Whether you’re just starting out in the entertainment industry or are a seasoned pro, this book has valuable information every actor should know to help them level up their career, along with essential tips on how to navigate relationships with representation. With over 20 years of experience as a highly respected talent agent, Brianna Ancel has helped nurture the careers of countless successful actors for both TV and film. If you want to take more control of your career, then this book is essential.


– How to get an agent

– The elements of your perfect pitch

– How to maintain a strong relationship with your agent

– Common industry myths

– What makes a great demo reel

– And dozens more pro-active career tips…

“Actors, rejoice! This is the one book you need to navigate your Hollywood career. Top talent agent Brianna Ancel pulls back the curtain to reveal how successful actors mastermind their careers – and shows you exactly how you can do it yourself. Read it before you call your agent!” – Adam Leipzig, CEO and Founder, MediaU

“Brianna is one of the best in the biz! She has a keen eye for talent and is an expert at molding and shaping the careers of her actors. Her knowledge and experience in the industry is second to none.” – Mike Page, Casting Director/Casting Executive

“Not only does Brianna have an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge concerning the ins and outs of this ever changing industry, she also possesses a beautifully generous well of empathy and understanding for humans and human behavior, which makes her an absolutely invaluable resource for actors. Her book is such a blessing for performers of all levels!” – Andrea Bordeaux, Series Regular (Run The World)

10 Top 10s From A 10 Percenter: Over 100 Essential Acting Career Tips From A Hollywood Agent
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