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This is not a self-help book. This is not a happy book, nor is it an entirely sad book. It is a mirror into ourselves and into our world during 2020, and the big thing we can all agree on right about now is what we feel when we look at that mirror too closely:

What The Actual F*ck.

Am I right? This was the year to mollywhomp all other years and make them scream like the baby lambs on Clarice Starling’s childhood farm. It was a year that we can all look back on and just go, seriously, WTAF, 2020? Not cool. And we wouldn’t be wrong. It was full-on catastrophe after catastrophe, the most notable of which being the globe-altering pandemic. Its effects continue to leak into our current reality, which is why the book contained herein is only one installment in a three-part series about the chaotic year we just left behind, its aftermath, and its bleed-through into 2021 and beyond. 2020WTAF-Part One is a brief but concise overview of the events of the year globally, in America, and in my own personal hellscape. Woven with just enough customary dark humor to make it palatable and almost easy reading, if you happen to be a masochist and dig that sort of thing, the story of all our lives plays out over the pages like a kaleidoscope of collective dystopia, reaching from the personal to the universal and navigating all the nitty gritty places in between. The conclusions drawn are based on my personal knowledge and experience with the other flailing meat-sacks who cohabitate my home planet, and although I know some will not be like of mind, I know anyone who reads this will be like of heart, because it will hit you deep in the feels no matter what your political or social ideology. There will be many books written on the subject for many years to come, but this may be the first and only of its kind to tie things together in such a tidy little package, sprinkled liberally with a charming mix of the profound and the profane.

The message of the moment is that there is hope. A lot of it. Unfortunately, with our current global Groundhog Day existence the loops we get stuck in can sometimes blind us to the rest of humanity suffering along with us. This is where we cry out into the endless void for a solace that can only come from the brotherhood and sisterhood inherent to our species. This is me, reaching out to you, asking you to join me in a primal howl into the chaotic abyss. Join me and we shall journey our hellscape together.

2020WTAF: Part One


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