7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+: Simple Home Exercise to Maintain Healthier Body and High Energy in 7 Days


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Core exercises for seniorsCore exercises for seniors

strength training for seniors exercisestrength training for seniors exercise

Strength Training Isn’t Complicated as You May Think

core exercises for seniorscore exercises for seniors Strength Training For Seniors and 60+

“This is an excellent informative and motivational fitness book for seniors.” Shavona T (2021)

“Informative on reasons why exercise is so important including illustrations and how to do stretches, use weights, exercises, yoga, and a 7 Day Strength Training Plan.” Debbie Ballard (2021)

“This book has some great fitness tips and routines. The best audience is those 60+,but it is also helpful for someone just getting back into fitness” Kimberly M (2021)

Focus on key exercises for seniors Step-by-step exercise with illustrations. 7-day training plan. And much more…

Simple Step-By-Step Strength Training For Seniors

Restoring your Energy and Getting Into Shape in Less Than 7 Minutes a Day

I am Liam Owen, an experienced physical trainer who has helped numerous people of all ages to regain their energy and health in 7 minutes within 7 days.

With several years of research into various exercise methods, this book is a great way to regain lost energy. With a focus on core exercises for seniors, this book provides step-by-step guidance into how to best carry out exercises.

7-minute strength training over 7 days Develop balance by focusing on yoga for seniors Step-by-step exercise routines Great way to regain energy Common myths about exercise Important stretches that are vital before exercise This book covers several home workouts without having to buy extra accessories

Strength training for seniorsStrength training for seniors

Simple Strength Training Exercises

Loss of muscle mass can be preceded by muscle fatigue and weakness, making us feel tired to perform menial daily tasks, like climbing stairs or even getting up from a chair or a sofa. This is why so many of us stay rooted at a spot – getting up begins to hurt.

This book focuses on core exercises for seniors and it will help you regain the lost energy you desired. With simple stretches to a range of exercises, this book will remove misconceptions about fitness at age 60 and provide simple exercises to follow.

With 7 minutes a day, this book provides structured exercises that can be applied over seven days to meet your goals.

Range of Exercises To Suit Your Needs

Strength Training for Seniors

Strength Training for Seniors

balance exercise for seniors

balance exercise for seniors

Exercise for seniors

Exercise for seniors

core exercises for seniors

core exercises for seniors

Your Guide To Learning About Exercise

As we go deeper into the book, we will discuss the relationship between your age and physical health, the benefits of exercising, and common misconceptions that stop people from taking up a form of activity.

I will give you simple exercise routines that will take seven minutes of your time. We will also discuss a seven-day strength-training plan that will revitalize you and allow you to enjoy your life truly.

Simple yet Effective Exercises

This book will cover simple bodyweight exercises which will target the very muscle groups whose functionality will help you stay active and independent while keeping your balance grounded so that you are no longer afraid of falling.

The core exercise programs in this book have been tested and verified by thousands of seniors and older adults who began from where you are now. It has helped them reclaim the very aspects of their lives that they felt were hopelessly out of control.

In addition, balance exercise for seniors is a great way to regain your lost balance.

Strength Training For Seniors

Although lifting weights is beneficial to all, older adults will benefit even more if they work for a stronger, healthier body. A healthy body can help you prevent accidents, falls, discomfort, and other problems that come with aging. If you don’t do enough to preserve your muscle mass when you get older, you can eventually lose it. You will live longer if you maintain or add muscle and have a better quality of life.

In this book, we’ll talk about how you can get involved in physical activity and the various types of exercises designed to improve total-body strength while also enhancing balance, stability, and flexibility.

Step-by-Step Exercises

With a range of exercises, this book covers from easy exercises to more challenging ones. The last chapter is structured into seven parts covering various exercises to perform each day over seven minutes. This is all done to ensure you can increase strength and stamina for a healthier body. The end goal is to regain your energy and health whatever your age. This is through focusing on core exercises for seniors.

7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+: Simple Home Exercise to Maintain Healthier Body and High Energy in 7 Days


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