8 Powerful & Miraculous Things Angels Will Do For You: With Prophetic Prayers


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✓ 8 Powerful & Miraculous Things Angels Will Do For You

God created the angels for many purposes, including guiding, protecting, encouraging and strengthening us.

Angels have been cited all throughout the bible for their amazing ability to protect those in harm, to bless and support those to whom they have been assigned.

Though we may not see them or know they are there, angels are watching over us, transporting blessings into our lives, protecting us from danger and helping us to glorify God better.

This book was written as a simple guide to help you understand the Ministry of God’s angels and the 8 POWERFUL AND MIRACULOUS THINGS ANGELS WILL DO FOR YOU, if you know how to ask for them and engage them through prophetic declarations. It also includes special prayers for the activation and engagement of angels in your life, through special request and prophetic declarations made to God.

In this classic book on angels and their ministry, Ezekiel Benson, focuses not on fallen angels (the evil and demonic ones), but on God’s angels, by giving scripture based answers to the following questions:

  • Who are God’s Angels?
  • How much strength do you think one Angel of God possesses?
  • What can one Angel of God assign to you do?
  • How do you engage the ministry of God’s Angels to you?
  • How many Angels of God can you ask for at a time?
  • How do you pray to ask the Father to deploy His Angels to you?
  • What are the 8 Solid Miraculous Things The Angels of God can do for you every day, if you engage them through prophetic words, decrees and prayers? Here we would discuss the works of ministering angels

God’s angels always seem to come into view the moment someone wants to give up faith or has reached a point of hopelessness. If you know how to ask for and engage the ministry of God’s Angels in your life, you would always have angels ministering to you, the way they did Jesus.

We can live and work better by learning to ask God to dispatch and deploy His angels to us, while we engage them by the power of the Holy Spirit, through giving commands of faith, to perform specific tasks and duties in our lives and circumstances.

You will no longer be a weak Christian; the knowledge and insights shared in this book will boost your faith and empower your spirit with divine strength for a glorious, powerful, prosperous and victorious Christian life.

  • You will also discover how to employ, deploy and use these spiritual tools for maximum impact and results under all circumstance and in every situation in your life and everywhere you go.

We recommend that you get this book, and get started with living a "god-life" where you would always enjoy the ministry of God’s angels every day.

8 Powerful & Miraculous Things Angels Will Do For You: With Prophetic Prayers


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