A Guide Book of Collectible Postcards

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Postcard collecting has been a popular American pastime since the hobby s Golden Age (the 1890s through the First World War). For today s collector, postcards offer historic photography, snapshots of pop culture and everyday life, colorful works by famous artists and the thrill of the hunt as you build your collection. At long last there s a full-color overview and in-depth guide to this fascinating hobby. The 432page Guide Book of Collectible Postcards is a complete one-stop resource for newcomers and experienced collectors alike. A postcard collection takes you on a unique trip into the past. Inside this book, you ll find cards of high society and lowbrow humor, natural disasters, social, political, and religious movements, popular artists illustrations, newspaper comics, circus animals, early movie stars, athletes, planes, trains, automobiles, and the corner general store and much more! More than 1,500 illustrations. Grading instructions. Valuations in multiple grades. Advice on collecting. 432 pages. 8.5 x 11 inches. Together, Mary Martin and Dave Bowers have raised the bar for the serious recognition of the postcard as one of the most important forms of mass media in history. from the foreword by Leonard A. Lauder
A Guide Book of Collectible Postcards
A Guide Book of Collectible Postcards
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