Alkaline Ketogenic Mix: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Recipes & Tips for Natural Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Alkaline Keto Diet Book 1)


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Easy, Simple and Delicious – Alkaline Ketogenic Recipes to Look and Feel Amazing!

Improve your health, enjoy more energy and, if desired, start losing weight with delicious low-carb, no sugar, high-fat and nutrient-packed recipes including:

Alkaline Keto Smoothies and Soups:

Green Dream Weight Loss Smoothie 

Easy Spicy Veggie Smoothie 

Coconut Almond Balancer

Vitamin C Alkaline Keto Power

Hormone Rebalancer Natural Energy Smoothie 

Green Mineral Comfort Smoothie Soup 

White Creamy Buttery Soup 

Anti-Flu Mediterranean Keto Smoothie Soup 

Alkaline Keto Super Easy Salads:

Almost Sushi Alkaline Keto Salad 

Green Power Plants Salad 

Irresistible Vegetarian Mediterranean Salad 

Easy Creamy Warm Salmon Salad 

Alkaline Keto Protein Salad 

Arugula Vitamin C and A Salad 

Bacon Easy Keto Salad

Easy Balancing Delight Salad 

Low Carb Spaghetti Spicy Salad 

Chicken Curry Salad 

Keto Friendly Super Delicious Satisfying Meals (with plenty of alkaline foods):

Easy Low Carb Pizza Adventure 

Irresistible Veggie Pizza 

Simple Spicy Egg Scramble 

Turkey Broccoli Mix 

Kale Avocado Vegetarian Combo 

Alkaline Keto Drinks:

Ginger and Turmeric Hormone Balancing Bulletproof Tea 

Easy Chili Tea 

Cumin and Caraway Tea 

Spicy Chai Tea 

Ashwagandha Alkaline Keto Tea 

Sleep Well Alkaline Keto Tea 

Easy Mediterranean Anti-Inflammatory Tea 

Lime Refresher Alkaline Iced Tea 

Fresh Alkaline Keto Approved Juices:

Cucumber Kale Alkaline Keto Juice 

Easy Flavored Spinach Juice 

Red Bell Pepper Antioxidant Juice 

Simple Lemon Tonic 

Alkaline Keto Hydration Mineral Green Juice 

Easy Tasty Green Juice 

Totally Guilt Free Alkaline Keto Snacks:

Ridiculously Easy Sweet Alkaline Keto Balls 

Creamy Sweet Alkaline Keto Porridge 

Delicious Chia Pudding Recipe 

Pure Mint Choco Guilt-Free Ice Cream  

Amazing Keto Chocolate Shake 

+ Proven & Effective Alkaline Ketogenic Lifestyle & Motivation Tips to:

-start losing weight naturally, without feeling deprived

-get rid of sugar cravings

-control your eating habits

-enjoy delicious, creamy meals without feeling guilty

You will also discover:

-the common mistakes people make with a keto diet (and how to fix them with alkaline foods)

-the healthiest way to combine plants with animal products

-simple tips to make delicious, low carb, high fat, no sugar drinks, meals and treats you enjoy

-common misconceptions about the alkaline diet

-simple alkaline keto friendly food lists to follow

Order your copy now and discover how easy it is to transform your body using the alkaline ketogenic diet!

Alkaline Ketogenic Mix: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Recipes & Tips for Natural Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Alkaline Keto Diet Book 1)


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