American Axe: The Tool That Shaped a Continent

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From bronze axes of the Viking conquests to the American homesteader’s felling axe, this is a tool that has shaped human history like few others. American Axe pays tribute to this iconic instrument of settlement and industry, with rich history, stunning photography, and profiles of the most collectible vintage axes such as The Woodslasher, Keen Cutter, and True Temper Perfect. Combining his experiences as a forester, axe collector, and former competitive lumberjack, author Brett McLeod conveys the allure of this deceptively simple woodcutting implement and celebrates the resurging interest in its story and use.


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Celebrate this historic symbol of hard work, honesty, and simplicity.







History buffs rejoice

Dive deep into the history of the tool that helped shape North America, with in-depth profiles detailing axes that date back to the Stone Age.

A perfect addition to any collector’s bookshelf

Learn how to restore vintage axes and get to know the axes coveted by collectors, like The President’s Hunting Axe, which comes complete with a hunting knife in the handle.

Written by a professional woodsman

Professor of forestry and former competitive lumberjack Brett McLeod offers an insider’s look at axe sports, from the watermelon challenge to axe throwing.

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American Axe: The Tool That Shaped a Continent
American Axe: The Tool That Shaped a Continent
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