ANXIETY IN RELATIONSHIP (2in1): Codependency & Toxic Relationships. Turn your relationship and change your life


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♥ Yes, I know! If you are reading, then you are probably wondering if this is happening to you, you are wondering if you’re living an emotional dependence towards your partner, or you are interested to learn how to recognize and defend against toxic people … well, here’s some good news, you are taking your first step!!! ♥

Do you want to understand if your love relationship is based on codependency?

Let’s try to ask ourselves some questions:

  • Are you stifling a thousand emotions that you are afraid to express, but you consider your partner’s more important?
  • Do you rely on your partner’s approval to measure your self-esteem?
  • Are you starting to harbor negative feelings toward others, yourself, or situations that used to be very challenging?
  • Do you experience strong feelings of guilt whenever you are forced to take a position or decision?
  • Does your partner belittle your every ambition or project, which causes you immobility and a sense of anxiety?
  • Are you controlling your partner?

★ Well, I hear you! I know exactly where you are, what you are experiencing right now, you know why? I have been there before ★


You are imprisoned in a cage made of bars that you cannot see… you do not have the courage to admit it, but probably “your relationship” or “your partner” is the object of your dependence right now.

You are living like in a movie, unconsciously acting out a script you have chosen for yourself without really wanting it. The pathological control of the health of your relationship, the well-being of your partner above all else, the abstinence and fear you feel when your partner is physically or emotionally distant … ARE NOT NORMAL, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU LIVE A HEALTHY AND TRUE RELATIONSHIP!!!


You need to know one thing: Your energy is limited, but energy vampires try to drain vigor from you. When energy vampires steal your positive energy, they substitute it with a negative one, that can strongly affect your relationships, your attitude, and how you interact with other important people in your life … YOU CANNOT ALLOW THIS!!!

But here’s the good news … However, energy vampires can only join if you invite them in. You can cut them out, but only if you can find out how to spot them in your life and relationships.


Take your life and value back into your own hands … don’t think that you are not valuable enough to express a personal opinion that differs from that of your partner, don’t think about eliminating or taking time away from your hobbies or passions to devote it only to a relationship that suffocates you … IT’S NOT FAIR!!!


Well, now you might say: “That’s right, Melanie! It’s just like that. I figured out what the problem is with my relationship, I know what it should be like. I need to remove toxic people from my life” … and here I reply: “Of course you do … You know what you should build in your relationship, but you don’t know how to do it”


That is precisely why in this book we will learn together:

  • How you can understand if you are codependent and identify the symptoms
  • How to tell if your relationship is toxic
  • The Key to A Codependent Relationship: “You”
  • How to start rebuilding your relationships
  • Your solutions: Ways to End A Toxic Relationship
  • How to get rid of codependency in your life
  • Bonus: Secrets to Improving Your Relationship, Techniques for Managing Friendship, Love and Family Life, and how to improve your communication skills

So what are you waiting for? Transform your relationship right now. GET THIS BOOK NOW!

ANXIETY IN RELATIONSHIP (2in1): Codependency & Toxic Relationships. Turn your relationship and change your life
ANXIETY IN RELATIONSHIP (2in1): Codependency & Toxic Relationships. Turn your relationship and change your life


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