Attachment Theory: 3 Books in 1: Healing your insecure, anxious, or avoidant love style. Discover who is the right person for you, stay away from the ones who will cause nothing but trouble


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Do you see the same behaviour patterns in yourself emerging in your relationships, time and time again? Are you constantly worried that everything will end in heartbreak?

Do you strive to grow your relationship, but have been stuck in the same spot for months or even years?

Is it possible to predict in advance the probability of a relationship’s success or failure?

♥ 3 Books in 1 ♥

This collection includes:

1. Attachment Theory Workbook

2. Insecure Attachment

3. Avoidant Attachment

Whether we are aware of it or not, our childhood experiences play a huge role in producing the type of people we become. The relationships we experience as children, with our parents or other primary caregivers, have a profound effect on how we react to situations throughout our lives; and how we interact with the people around us.

As young children, we instinctively respond to the type of love and support offered by our parents or carers. While a strong bond with our primary caregiver is critical to our development in these early years, any difficulties resulting from this attachment can lead to problems with relationships and self-image in later life.

In fact, dysfunctional or incorrect dysfunctional attachment patterns can lead us to make poor emotional choices, or enter dysfunctional and unstable relationships that can be characterized by violence, oppression or submission. Human relationships can give rise to the constant presence of fear of abandonment, associated with controlling behaviors, a continuous search for reassurance, emotional hyper-vigilance and sometimes even emotional blackmail.

Whether you like it or not, attachment styles inevitably determine intimate relationships between people. Knowing what they are, and managing them efficiently, guarantees you a positive and stable vision of your relationships for life.

With this collection you will learn:

1. Attachment Theory Workbook – Learn the founding principles of attachment theory and what they mean to you and understand how your thoughts and feelings about relationships impact anxious, avoidant, and even secure attachment behaviors.

2. Insecure Attachment – Learn how to overcome anxiety in relationships using compassionate self-awareness, a technique that can help you recognize your negative thoughts or unhealthy behavior patterns and respond to them in a nurturing way—rather than beating yourself up.

3. Avoidant Attachment – A partner with an avoidant attachment style of emotion can build walls and create distances in any couple relationship, can show strict communication limits and undermine a romantic relationship. The detached attitude of the avoidant attachment personality can be frustrating for a partner, who will find him or herself experiencing feelings of uselessness and/or neglect, even to the point of feeling completely abandoned.

Understanding how to release attachment issues is one of the most satisfying and valuable things you can do for yourself. You will open the doors to a greater sense of self-worth, successful friendships, strong family ties and lasting and loving romantic relationships.

If you are tired of living a life filled with complicated and painful relationships and would like to learn how to cultivate them to be safe and healthy places instead, then scroll up and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button!

Attachment Theory: 3 Books in 1: Healing your insecure, anxious, or avoidant love style. Discover who is the right person for you, stay away from the ones who will cause nothing but trouble


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