BAD KARMA: The True Story of a Mexico Trip from Hell


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In the summer of 1978, twenty-one-year-old Paul Wilson jumps at the chance to join two local icons on a dream surf trip to mainland Mexico, unaware their ultimate destination lies in the heart of drug cartel country. Having no earthly idea of where he’ll get the money to pay his share, and determined to prove his mettle, he does the only thing he can think of: He robs a supermarket. And, if karma didn’t already have enough reason to doom the trip, he soon learns one of his companions is a convicted killer on the run, and the other an unscrupulous cad. Mishap and misfortune rule the days, and mere survival takes precedence over surfing.

Original photographs (including pre-kingpin El Chapo), and Wilson’s strong narrative style, combine to make this true story personal—in the tradition of Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, and Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life by William Finnegan—except this tale had to wait for the statute of limitations to expire before it could be told.

READERS FAVORITE – Silver Award Winner for 2020!

“Bad Karma has instantly joined the pantheon of great adventure writing!” – Elizabeth Howard

“Fear and Loathing goes to Mexico” – Neil P. Reid

“Amazing story!!! When does the movie come out?” – Launa Brockman

“Exhilarating, raw, PURE…A Story we all wish we’d lived through! The style of writing only adds to the epic tale here. Great prose reminiscent of Hemingway with a twist of Kerouac and Hunter Thompson — an important, succinct and easy read” – Kathleen S. Gray

“Bad Karma is one badass piece of work.” – Jan Goode

“Hangin with El Chapo. Wow.” – JBA

“Haven’t read a book this fun in 30 years.” – Tracy

BAD KARMA: The True Story of a Mexico Trip from Hell
BAD KARMA: The True Story of a Mexico Trip from Hell


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