BALM: The Loving Path to Family Recovery


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You’re desperate for a way to help your loved one. 
Everybody‘s telling you to get rid of them, to kick them out and cut them off—but it doesn‘t feel right. 

After trying countless ways to deal with the situation, hopelessness sets in, leaving you with no choice but to stand by and watch.

Inside BALM, Beverly Buncher opens your eyes and shows you the truth—it‘s false to say there‘s nothing you can do.

This step-by-step guide to family recovery teaches you how to:

  • Erase judgments that create barriers between families and their loved one
  • Regain the inner calm and peace you thought was lost forever
  • Become aware of triggers that can give your loved one excuses to relapse
  • Set and stick to boundaries to achieve peace in the home

Learn the “Loving Mirror” secrets for a sane and joyful life!

Written for those who know just how difficult it can be to cope with the lifestyle of a using loved one, BALM empowers families to transform their inner attitudes and relationships with each other.

Using the BALM® method, you will get your life back and be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery!

BALM: The Loving Path to Family Recovery
BALM: The Loving Path to Family Recovery


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