CANNING AND PRESERVING FOR BEGINNERS: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Can Fruits, Meats, Vegetables, Jams , And Jellies. Eat Healthier With 200 … And 20 Mouth-Watering Italian Preserves


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Are you interested in learning how to conserve and can food on your own, save money and eat healthier? Are you an Italian American who wants to taste the flavors of your origins?


A good book doesn’t just have to contain an avalanche of recipes. It must also be elegant, rich in images and pleasant to browse. it’s like when you eat: the appearance count!. Go to the “LOOK INSIDE” and check the care of the contents and the graphic quality of this book.

And compare the difference with other competing books!!!

Don’t you believe it? Also check out the video at the bottom of the Kindle page.

Luisa Florence will teach you how to have an essential pantry with 200 preserves that cannot be missing in your cupboard. It is useless to have 600 recipes: they are like 30 washing machine programs, which you will never use. And then you will have an appetizing chapter with 20 traditional mouth-watering Italian preserves.

 With this book, you will have an indispensable selection, a base from which to start wandering with other variations and indulging in your imagination.

 PAY ATTENTION: this is the  updated version of the book. A special thanks to  Leisa Sutton of SuttonsDaze , who has a great passion for canning and preserving and her advice has allowed me to correct and improve this book’s quality and provide safe recipes. You can get to know her and appreciate her recipes by visiting . Now this book contains an introduction with the basics for beginners: different method of canning foods, pressure canning vs water bath, and foods suitable for both methods. The exact times when food is safe, elevation, pressure, precautions, and each recipe respects the National Center For home Food Preservation Guidelines published by the USDA for safe canning methods. 

Perhaps, the most important reason to can and maintain food yourself is that you know the ingredients that go into your food. Today very frequently, meats and vegetables are being recalled. We, as customers, do not know which pesticides have been used on the goods we buy. Nor do we know how and where they manufactured many of the items we purchase.

Learn to can and preserve fruits and vegetables so that we grow in our home gardens or buy on a local farmer’s market. Asking the farmer questions about how he grew his crops will help ensure the health of our family.

Once you know the canning and food storage cycle, healthy and tasteful foods will fill your dinner table, and you can pass on your new-found knowledge to your kids, grandchildren, and friends.

Moreover, canning and preserving is a cost-effective way of living, avoiding wasting food, or buying expensive, already canned products.

This book contains:

  • 20 MOUTH-WATERING ITALIAN RECIPES: Pinuccia Olives, Funghi Porcini in oil, Cozze alla Marinara and much more
  • CANNING AND PRESERVING METHODS: water bath, fermenting, marinated, dehydrating, pressure  
  • THE 200 PRESERVES that cannot be missing in your wardrobes
  • SAVOR THE SEASON: Preserve the flavors of the seasons and enjoy them all year round: peach jams, artichokes in oil…
  • GIFT IDEAS: amaze your friends with many tasty and genuine preserves

     …And much more!

Canning is a tested method, however, all guidelines must be followed to avoid illness or injury during the process.

So, what are you waiting for? Click “BUY NOW” . Don’t delay, sometimes “later” becomes “never!”

CANNING AND PRESERVING FOR BEGINNERS: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Can Fruits, Meats, Vegetables, Jams , And Jellies. Eat Healthier With 200 … And 20 Mouth-Watering Italian Preserves


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