Dare To Arise From the 9 – 5 Grind


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There is no excuse, and there is no one to blame for the lack of change or conforming to our current situations.

When you are stuck, it can be too easy to blame anything and everyone but you. Society, relationships, family–even God–can fall victim to your blame game. However, at the end of the day, you have to face the truth: God created you for more. You know it. You feel it in your heart when you see someone succeeding in a way you were gifted. You have the restless stir in your soul that whispers, “what are you waiting for?”

Yet, even with the still small voice encouraging us to break free of your current circumstances, why do we refuse to step into the fullness of our God-given gifts? While the answer may feel complicated and overwhelming, it all boils down to one word. Fear. Once we know what fear is holding us back, we have the divine opportunity to cast out cares on the one who created the heavens and Earth, and we have the pleasure of praying for opportunities to step out in faith.

Rise Above the 9-5 Grind shares the stories of how four women heard the voice of God instructing them to utilize their gifts to create corporate careers for themselves while maintaining their faith and entrepreneurial spirit. Like you, they too felt the call for more, but instead of freezing under fear and being crumbling under pressure, they rose to the call.

In this book, you’ll learn how you can rise above the cycle of the traditional job and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit. You were made to be spectacular, and Rise Above the 9-5 Grind was written to motivate and inspire you to embrace the calling God has given you.

Are you ready to step into your calling?

Dare To Arise From the 9 – 5 Grind
Dare To Arise From the 9 – 5 Grind


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