Deep Personal Transformation: How to Achieve Inner Harmony and Ultimate Happiness (Reintegration Fundamentals Book 2)


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This book expounds numerous and powerful methods of the innovative and versatile Reintegration System, which can lead you to a profound and lasting inner transformation.
With the support of many illustrations and case studies, you will easily absorb this cutting-edge methodology. You will finally be able to resolve your most rigid problems, overcome long-lasting life difficulties, improve all your relationships, and achieve perfect inner harmony.
The presented methodology was carefully designed to cover all areas of personal development. It will enable you to remove, change, or create any content of the mind in a systematic and thorough way. Furthermore, all approaches are mutually complementary, ready to work together to help get you where you want to be.
First, with an overview of the basic concepts of the Reintegration System, you will be guided through three quick and easy mind techniques designed to bring immediate results: “Dissolving the Temporary I,” “Moving to the Heart,” and “Dissolving the Temporary I Plus.”
Next, you will find that these techniques are actually the foundation of several more complex methods, which will teach you how to attain profound and permanent transformation. They are based on a scientific viewpoint, widely used in contemporary psychological methodologies, which postulates that all apparently negative inner structures have a genuinely positive origin and purpose. Therefore: we must not fight any perceived negativity within us – we should face it, accept it, transform it, and re-integrate it.
You will learn how to transform and reintegrate many types of subconscious structures, such as general aspects of personality, habits, beliefs, decisions, traumatic experiences, desires, personality traits, fears, guilt and other emotions. You will also get acquainted with useful meditation and mindfulness guidance.
You won’t find empty promises here, only practical guidance. Moreover, many of the methods described in the book are 100% brand new. However, all of them rely on well-known spiritual and scientific viewpoints. For example, the holographic principle indirectly implies that our external world is but a mirror of our inner being. This also leads us to a very practical attitude: everyone is completely responsible for their own life.
This is the second book of the Reintegration Fundamentals series. However, with some additional practical content, this volume is effectively a part of an even more comprehensive book, Inner Peace, Outer Success, which covers the whole Reintegration System, including spiritual growth, meditation, mindfulness, healing and achieving goals.
Join us on this new journey of personal transformation and spiritual development, and start feeling better now!

Deep Personal Transformation: How to Achieve Inner Harmony and Ultimate Happiness (Reintegration Fundamentals Book 2)
Deep Personal Transformation: How to Achieve Inner Harmony and Ultimate Happiness (Reintegration Fundamentals Book 2)


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