F*ck That Cape: The Grown Woman’s Unapologetic Guide to Putting Herself First

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The ultimate crash guide to changing your life. You’ll never read another self-help book ever again.

The narrative around being strong has been a crown of thorns for African American women since shewe were brought to this country as slaves. Being smart and clever and efficient was a matter of life and death. Now in present time, being a smart, educated and successful African American woman doesn’t determine if we live or die but it often creates an isolating and lonely world because more times than not she is we are hustling to prove herour worth to everyone.

You’ve been accommodating all your life. You’ve been willing to set aside your own interests, needs and desires “for the greater good.” You’ve been playing the sacrificial lamb on the altar selflessness for far too long. It’s time to stop trying to be everyone’s hero, putting the needs of others above your own.

It is making you miserable and you know it.

Deep within you, you know your Superwoman complex leaves a bad taste in your mouth more often than not, leaving you feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, alone and angry at the world… and at the people you love.

All your life you’ve been told to be a tough, strong, self-reliant, inscrutable Black woman without a chink in her armor, without an ounce of weakness, so you plod on, isolated and lonely because you’re not being true to yourself.

You’re suffering, and whether you’re complaining or not. It’s time to stop.

With soul-baring stories and anecdotes from her own life, Jennifer gives a detailed account of her journey to healing and shows you how stop “Caping” and begin to have a more compassionate view of yourself and begin making yourself the number one priority in your life and trust your own instincts and abilities without having to compromise to please anyone else.

F*ck That Cape is a book that will show you how to trust your inner voice and intuition, a natural talent that we’ve crushed underneath the weight of societal expectations.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this no-fluff, definitive guide to self-care:

• How to go from meeting everyone else’s needs to getting your own needs met first • Figuring out what you really want, firmly asking for it and getting it without being an asshole

• How to build an awesome support system of people that encourage you and boost your confidence

• How to give yourself permission to relentlessly pursue your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted

• Why you should stop trying to please and make everyone happy and practical steps to go about it

• …and much more!

Deeply insightful, intuitive and even life changing, F*ck that Cape is the ultimate blueprint to crafting your life the way you want it. On your own terms.

F*ck That Cape: The Grown Woman’s Unapologetic Guide to Putting Herself First
F*ck That Cape: The Grown Woman’s Unapologetic Guide to Putting Herself First
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