Fitness Over 40: Build More Muscle, Strength & Agility While Supercharging Your Health As A 40, 50 Or 60+ Year Old Using These Strength Training Exercises & Nutrition Guides


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Discover How You Can Build The Body Of Your Dreams And Supercharge Your Strength While Optimizing Your Health As A 40, 50, 60+ Year Old! 

Do you want to get in shape past 40 and STAY in shape? Do you want to build muscle and strength no matter your age? Do you want to effortlessly eat healthy & LOVE the food you eat? 

Muscle Mass & Strength are 2 of the keys to maintaining your mobility & metabolism as you get older. Not only that, regular strength training is one of the BEST ways to keep your hormones regulated as you get older. 

 Did I also mention how utilizing the Workout Program & Nutrition protocols inside this book will finally help you SMASH your weight loss goals & keep the weight off long term?

 The philosophy in this book is to create workout routines you’ll actually enjoy instead of dread, and provide nutrition guidelines that will make you excited to try delicious and healthy food, not lose your appetite. 

You don’t have to feel tired, groggy & ‘middle aged’ just because it seems like the norm. 

If you keep doing the things that keep your mind and body healthy—Exercise, Healthy Food, Proper Sleep—you can feel as amazing as you did in your teens and twenties! (Without the college level hangovers of course!) 

It’s time to start your journey to the fittest, healthiest you, today!

Here’s a tiny example of what’s inside Fitness Over 40

  • The Complete 12 Weeks Workout Program To Start Your Fitness After 40 Journey (And Build More Muscle & Strength Than You Could Dream Of!)
  • 4 Variables You Need To Master To Optimize Your Fitness Results! (Including 6 Simple Tips To Optimize One) 
  • Our Favorite Mobility & Warmup Exercises To Help You Avoid Injury And Prepare For Your Workouts 
  • The Easy Way To Track Your Progress With These Preliminary Fitness Assessments
  • Complete Explanations & Diagrams On How To Do Every Single Exercise In The Program (Including Home Alternatives With Minimal To No Equipment Needed!) 
  • The 1 Thing You MUST Understand If You Want To Consistently Build Muscle 
  • How To Make Sure You Get Enough Of All The Essential 25 Vitamins & Minerals 
  • Why Understanding Your Body Type Is Key To Achieving Your Fitness Goals
  • The BEST App For Tracking Your Food Intake When You First Start Out (And Why You Won’t Need To Track Forever) 
  • Why You DON’T Need Any Crazy ‘Woo-Woo’ Juice Or Cleanse Diets To Reach Your Fitness Goals
  • Motivation Won’t Be Enough To Reach Your Goals, But This 1 Drastic Mindset Change Will Be
  • How To Literally ‘Reverse Ageing’ Using The Power Of Strength Training (+Other Exercise), Proper Nutrition & Optimal Sleep

And SO Much More! 

Even if you’ve never been to the gym in your life, even if your current diet consists of burgers, chips & cola for every meal & even if you have ZERO idea where to start with a ‘fitness routine’, this book will guide you from newbie, to the person getting compliments from friends and family about how amazing you look ‘for your age.’ 

It’s never too late to make your health a priority. 

So, If You Want To Build Your Dream Body, Gain Functional Strength & Become The Healthiest You’ve Ever Been, Then Scroll Up And Click “Add To Cart.”  

Fitness Over 40: Build More Muscle, Strength & Agility While Supercharging Your Health As A 40, 50 Or 60+ Year Old Using These Strength Training Exercises & Nutrition Guides


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