God Does Not Feed the Birds… I Do

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First comes love, then comes marriage…

But what if it isn’t love? What if it’s about control and power for one person? In this compelling narrative, Laura Fiorentino takes the reader on the journey of her lifetime as she discovers what it means to hold on to family and love.

When she was a child and her father died from an illness, young Laura tried to make sense of the world. Why did this happen and where did he go? With a remote mother and the confusions of growing into adulthood, she found her way as best she could. As an adult, she meets and falls in love with a military man, hopeful that this love of her life will be by her side always, in sickness and in health.

But soon a darkness enters their marriage, a darkness played out in her husband’s behavior and lies, a darkness that threatens to crush her soul with its numbing cruelty. She remains in her marriage, certain that love is the answer.

God Does Not Feed the Birds… I Do is one woman’s honest reflections on her life, her love, and her healing journey from a place of utter chaos. Her grief is on full display, as is her healing, step-by-step, until finally, forgiveness begins to imbue her days as she embraces her true self.

God Does Not Feed the Birds… I Do
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