Happy Warrior: Empower Your S.E.L.F. in 30 Days ~ Your Practical Guide to a Happy Life

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Experience the empowering magic of happiness and inner peace!

Inside this life-changing workbook, you’ll find 30 days of actionable tools, concepts and exercises designed to help you live a happy, peaceful life. Happy Warrior shows you how to look deeper into who you are and what you want, while discovering how to accept and love your highest self.

  • Compelling Exercises
    Explore fun and creative ways to get to know, accept and love yourself on a deeper level.
  • Reflection Journal Pages
    Unpack your lessons and insights to build loving experiences in every area of your life.
  • Thought-Provoking Concepts
    Create a daily practice of happiness and inner peace that is applicable to your everyday life.
  • Once you embark on this happiness journey, you will start living life as a Happy Warrior.

    As a Happy Warrior, you can expect to:

  • See yourself operating at higher levels of productivity
  • Feel a more consistent level of self-confidence
  • Experience less stress and worry overall
  • The key to living a happy life is to choose love over fear…over and over again.

    Create happiness and inner peace just by knowing how to manage and detach from your thoughts and emotions. Happy Warriors travel through life gently; they don’t force life to happen; they allow life to unfold. They listen to their heads and hearts and make decisions based on logic, as well as what feels right inside of them. Happy Warriors experience the challenges of life just like everyone else, but they handle the problems, feel their feelings, and make happiness and love their true north.

Happy Warrior: Empower Your S.E.L.F. in 30 Days ~ Your Practical Guide to a Happy Life
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