How Happiness Happens: Finding Lasting Joy in a World of Comparison, Disappointment, and Unmet Expectations

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These are tough times. Amid global isolation, economic downturn, and social unrest, could you use a dose of happy right about now? Learn the secret to lasting joy that will endure through any season of life.

In How Happiness Happens, Max Lucado shares the unexpected path to a lasting happiness, one that produces reliable joy amidst any life circumstance. Based on the teachings of Jesus and backed by modern research, this book presents a surprising but practical way of living that will change you from the inside out.  

In this book, Max will help you discover:

  • Happiness is not selfish
  • People are a joy
  • There is strength in choice
  • Happiness happens when you give it away

What are you waiting for? Open the unexpected door to joy and walk in. There’s no better day than today to start your happiest life yet.

How Happiness Happens is also available in Spanish.

From the Publisher

What you’ll get from the book:

how to be happy

how to be happy

happiness isn't selfish

happiness isn't selfish

people are a source of joy

people are a source of joy

be kind to yourself

be kind to yourself

The Secret to Lasting Happiness

Discover the secret that enables a lasting happiness that can survive and thrive amid loneliness, the daily thorn of comparison, and disappointment.

That Happiness is NOT Selfish

Reject the notion that happiness is selfish, temporary, or superficial by studying closely what Jesus said about happiness and how to get it.

That People are a Joy

Recognize your need for relationship and learn to see people as a source of joy rather than pain or frustration.

How to Tell Yourself the Truth

Stop giving power to your circumstances by recognizing the strength of your choices and the importance of telling yourself the truth each day.

What people are saying:

Chip Gaines

Chip Gaines

Christine Caine

Christine Caine

Dennis Praeger

Dennis Praeger

Chip Gaines, Co-Founder of Magnolia

“For me and my family, I’ve always said that the farm isn’t what made us happy. Instead, I believe it was everything that happened on our way to the farm…and it’s because of that journey that we are the people we are today. I love Max Lucado, I love his family, and I love the perspective he shares in How Happiness Happens. If you’re looking for a wakeup call or a dose of modern day wisdom, read this book. In fact, read all of his books—you’ll be glad you did.”

Christine Caine, NYT Best-Selling Author

“In a world where happiness has become fickle and fleeting, Max takes us back to Jesus’ path to happiness that is rooted in true joy and loving others. How Happiness Happens will challenge you to focus less on yourself and your circumstances, and more on our good God – the true source of our joy.”

Dennis Praeger, Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show Host

“Max Lucado, one of the leading Christian writers of our time, has written a wonderful book about one of life’s most important subjects: happiness. I have long argued that the happy make the world better and the unhappy make it worse. Therefore, this book can make the world better. I hope millions read it. And while it is written from a Christian’s perspective, anyone of any faith—or of no faith—will greatly benefit from it.”

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208 Pages

6 Sessions – 160 Pages

6 Sessions – 2 Hours – 160 Pages

144 Pages

240 Pages

How Happiness Happens: Finding Lasting Joy in a World of Comparison, Disappointment, and Unmet Expectations
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