How to Become A Personal Trainer (Successful)


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How To Become A Personal Trainer (Successful)
Did you know the average personal trainer in 2020 was self-taught? This means that YOU could become a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER within 28-days (we have done it.) ALL BY YOURSELF! Many trainers at the top personal training gyms in the United States are charging $100+ per hour and most of them have never trained another human being. Just because someone uses an ambiguous acronym (i.e. NASM, ISSA, ACE) does not make them qualified to teach and train the mechanics of the human body. Regardless – did you know that the average personal trainer doesn’t understand anatomy (17-muscles around the shoulder, 30-around the hip), the fundamental principles of movement, overload, programming, SAID, bioenergetics, or how to regress or progress exercises? Does that make sense to you? Us either. Just because these people have a six pack of abs and backside from Venus packaged up with a certification, it does not mean they are qualified to teach how to properly move and exercise another human. You heard it first from Show Up Fitness: Certifications are Blockbuster, Internships are Netflix. If you want to be respected and turn your passion for fitness into a career, you need a solid foundation in anatomy, programming, business & social media development, and guided experience.
This isn’t a book on how to get clients, or a shortcut to becoming a celebrity trainer. It’s an honest approach on what to expect if you’re thinking of becoming a personal trainer and to expose the fitness industry’s entry standards for what they are—RIDICULOUSLY EASY. The average personal trainer takes a simple 120-question test and then considers themselves a “fitness professional” – imagine the gasps if a heart surgeon did the same thing? The majority of social media “instafamous” personal trainers have no idea what they are doing, and people are getting hurt because they lack education and guided experience. Add to this that 90% of personal trainers quit within 12-months of getting certified -WHY YOU ASK? Read this book and find out.
How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer will help you turn your passion for fitness into a career and help you become a qualified fitness professional.

How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer
1-      Personal training industry, certifications & internships
2-      The Average Day in the Life of a Trainer
3-      H.E.L.P. N.I.C.K. & Commandments of Becoming A Successful Personal Trainer
4-      Interviews from Managers on why 90% of certified trainers quit within 12-months
5-      How to Make 100k & Develop Streams of Revenue
6-      The Trainer Happiness Equation
7-      Interviews from Top Personal Trainers

Chris Hitchko, BS Kinesiology, CSCS, has personally taught over 800-personal trainers and knows the formula for success in the fitness industry. Throughout his sixteen-year tenure, he’s collaborated with top trainers, professors, coaches, physical therapists, dietitians, and doctors, which allowed him to develop a Board of Education to make sure the material and scientific information is up to date.
Here are just a few of the worlds TOP Personal Trainers interviewed for this book:
Bret Contreras, Brett Bartholomew, Meghan Callaway, Nick Tumminello, Dean Somerset, Erica Suter, Dan John, Tony Gentilcore, Kellie Davies, John Rusin, Ben Bruno, Jordan Syatt, Marc Megna, Charles Staley, Eric Bach, and many more!

How to Become A Personal Trainer (Successful)
How to Become A Personal Trainer (Successful)


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