Japan: The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide


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⫸ Tokyo ⫸ Kyoto ⫸ Osaka ⫸ Sapporo ⫸ Nagano ⫸ Niseko ⫸ Okinawa ⫷

Ditch the generic travel guides that are impersonal AF and feel like they were written for your nerdy cousin who wears socks with sandals.

This is the #1 Travel Guide for REAL girls (and hey, you guys, too) traveling to Japan in a short amount of time on any budget.All while avoiding the scams, creeps, and sketchy hangouts.

What this Travel Guide is…

➤ A VACATION PLANNER with the BEST Japan Adventures.

➤ Equal amounts temples, sushi and kawaii culture

➤ Money-saving tips and time-stretching advice

➤ Actual local secrets, advice, and off-the-beaten-path adventures


❥ The Best Local Food and Nightlife

❥ Must-See Spots / Japan Bucket List!

❥ How to Budget for Japan

❥ What to Pack for Japan

❥ How to get to your hotel when you land without paying 3x the local price!

❥ Personal Access to me…ask me anything on Instagram and I’ll answer

What this Guide is not…

➤ A 5-hour read with historical dates and ancient facts

➤ An overwhelming deep-dive into Japan’s history

➤ A book written by some man who doesn’t even live here…

No heavy encyclopedia here – If you want to travel with your nose in a book, check out Lonely Planet.

The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide answers THE MOST important questions like…

Are there drugs in my drink?

Is that dark alley filled with serial killers?

Am I going to be kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder?

And if you have more questions, just reach out to me on Instagram @SoloGirlsTravelGuide


You don’t need a boyfriend, a travel partner or anyone’s approval to travel the world.

And you don’t need a massive bank account or an entire summer off work.

If you’ve doubted yourself for one moment, remember this: Millions of girls travel across the globe all by themselves every damn day and you can, too.

You are just as capable, just as smart, and just as brave as the rest of us.

You don’t need permission- this is your life.

Listen to your gut, follow your heart, and just book that ticket already!

Your copy of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide is waiting to dissolve your worries and give you that extra push you need to JUST DO IT!

Japan: The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide
Japan: The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide


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