Lean And Green Cookbook 2021: An Exhaustive Lean and Green Cookbook With 300+ Super Tasty Recipes To Losing Weight By Harnessing The Power Of “Fueling Hacks Meals”


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If you are reading this, you probably need to lose weight.

2020 was a tough year for everybody, and for you as your metabolism decided it was time to slow to a crawl, and all the things you had been eating and all the exercise you had not been doing caught up with you.  

That’s why you are looking for a diet that is easy, affordable, long-term lasting to lose weight rapidly and effectively…

… but where to start? Internet is full of miracle diets that promise to make you lose a lot of weight in a little effort but you don’t trust them…

… and you are right! Inside this Book, you will learn the only diet program that can give you what you want and look for is the Lean And Green Diet Program.

In this manual you will:

  • Clearly Understand What Lean and Green Diet Is and Why It is So Famous and Follows; you will know all the benefits and the dietary secrets that will intrigue you a lot.
  • Weight Loss Benefits of Lean And Green Diet Intaking Around 1000 Calories per day in order to initiate weight-loss fat burning in the body. But cutting down your calories just by avoiding food is not the solution. So why is the solution?
  • Eating on Lean And Green Diet: The lean and green meal must have the following essential ingredients to keep it healthy and safe
  • You Will Have the Opportunity to Cook and Taste the Best 300 Lean and Green Recipes, all easy-to-make and very affordable, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner, including dishes for vegans and vegan eaters, healthy drinks also included (Now with all nutritional info!)
  • Have at Your Disposal Two Incredibly Tasty Meal Plans for Weight Loss to help you schedule and organize your meals so that you know ahead of time what you are going to eat every single day despite your busy life. 
  • An Exhaustive Shopping List To Buy Only What You Really Need!
  • … & Much More!

The Lean And Green Diet program is designed to help you take the necessary steps to make a lifelong transformation.

That makes this program quite different from your typical diet program because, besides weight loss, one of its main goals is to teach you how to achieve the necessary skills for a lifetime of health and happiness, by helping your body and mind work together.

For those who have tried it all and losing weight is still the impossible dream, the Lean and Green diet is one minute far from you…

…this book guides you with a combination of recipes and detailed information that will help you in your journey to a healthier life!

Order Your Copy Now and Start Becoming What You Have Always Dreamed of Being!

Lean And Green Cookbook 2021: An Exhaustive Lean and Green Cookbook With 300+ Super Tasty Recipes To Losing Weight By Harnessing The Power Of “Fueling Hacks Meals”


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