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Through this compelling classic, every Christian can learn how to allow the beauty of Christ’s image to shine through him to the world.

"He that saith he abideth in Him, ought himself also so to walk even as He walked."—1 John 2:6.

“We are too easily content with the thoughts suggested by the words of the Bible, though these are but forms of truth, without giving time for the substantial spiritual reality, which the Word as the truth of God contains, to get lodged and rooted in the heart. Let us, in meditating on the Image of God in Christ, to which we are to be conformed, remember this. When some special trait has occupied our thoughts, let us shut our eyes, and open our hearts; let us think, and pray, and believe in the working of the Holy Spirit, until we really see the blessed Master in that special light in which the Word has been setting Him before us and can carry away for that day the deep and abiding impression of that heavenly beauty in Him which we know is to be reproduced in us. Let us gaze, and gaze again, let us worship and adore; the more we see Him as He is, the liker Him we must become. To study the image of God in the man Christ Jesus, to yield and set open our inmost being for that image to take possession and live in us, and then to go forth and let the heavenly likeness reflect itself and shine out in our life among our fellow-men,—this is what we have been redeemed for, let this be what we live for.” -Andrew Murray

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 – Like Christ: Because We Abide In Him.

Chapter 2 – Like Christ: He Himself Calls Us To It.

Chapter 3 – Like Christ: As One That Serveth.

Chapter 4 – Like Christ: Our Head.

Chapter 5 – Like Christ: In Suffering Wrong.

Chapter 6 – Like Christ: Crucified With Him.

Chapter 7 – Like Christ: In His Self-Denial.

Chapter 8 – Like Christ: In His Self-Sacrifice.

Chapter 9 – Like Christ: Not Of The World.

Chapter 10 – Like Christ: In His Heavenly Mission.

Chapter 11 – Like Christ: As The Elect Of God.

Chapter 12 – Like Christ: In Doing God’s Will.

Chapter 13 – Like Christ: In His Compassion.

Chapter 14 – Like Christ: In His Oneness With The Father.

Chapter 15 – Like Christ: In His Dependence On The Father.

Chapter 16 – Like Christ: In His Love.

Chapter 17 – Like Christ: In His Praying.

Chapter 18 – Like Christ: In His Use Of Scripture.

Chapter 19 – Like Christ: In Forgiving.

Chapter 20 – Like Christ: In Beholding Him.

Chapter 21 – Like Christ: In His Humility.

Chapter 22 – Like Christ: In The Likeness Of His Death.

Chapter 23 – Like Christ: In The Likeness Of His Resurrection.

Chapter 24 – Like Christ: Being Made Conformable To His Death.

Chapter 25 – Like Christ: Giving His Life For Men.

Chapter 26 – Like Christ: In His Meekness.

Chapter 27 – Like Christ: Abiding In The Love Of God.

Chapter 28 – Like Christ: Led By The Spirit.

Chapter 29 – Like Christ: In His Life Through The Father.

Chapter 30 – Like Christ: In Glorifying The Father.

Chapter 31 – Like Christ: In His Glory.

Chapter 32 – On Preaching Christ Our Example.

Like Christ


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