Our Wild Tails: The Adventures of Henry and Baloo

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Meet the dog-and-cat duo taking outdoor adventure to new heights.

Henry and Baloo are a real-life dog/cat sibling pair, based in Colorado, whose unconventional friendship has won the hearts of humans worldwide. Whether they’re scaling mountains or cozying down in a tent, these two are never far from each other’s side and always ready for their next trek. Wanting to share their explorations with friends and family, photographer Cynthia Bennett began capturing Henry and Baloo on their outdoor adventures―with vivid colors and stunning backdrops surrounding them in every shot.

Now never-before-seen photos and untold stories are compiled in a book for fans to enjoy. More than beautiful photography and a sweet story, Our Wild Tails champions friendship in the most unlikely of places and proves to readers that love is universal.

Cynthia Bennett, photographer and explorer, lives in Colorado with her dog (Henry), cat (Baloo), and partner, Andre.

From the Publisher

Take A Peek Inside









An Incredible Journey

Learn the story of Henry the dog and Baloo the cat as they travel across the states with their humans.

Find Inspiration

A beautiful tale of love and companionship to inspire anyone.

Stunning Photography

See Cynthia Bennett’s stunning photography in high-resolution printing.

Hear the Story for Yourself

Text pages telling more of their incredible story is sprinkled throughout the book.


About the Author

Cynthia Bennett is a photographer and animal lover. In 2018 she founded Our Wild Tails to share the story of universal love and help protect our wilderness lands. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado.


Our Wild Tails: The Adventures of Henry and Baloo
Our Wild Tails: The Adventures of Henry and Baloo
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