Quotes that Provoke a Better Way of Living


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Have you ever judged a book by its heart felt cover then it turned out to be more aggressively structured and stabled than you expected? How many people have been misguided by your smile resulting in them taking your kindness for weakness, only to discover there are so many more elements to you? Just as that smile, do not be misguided by the cover of this book. The inside is too hard for those who oppose truth and reality.
Quotes that Provokes a Better Way of Living is comprised of quotes from personal experiences, paired with in depth and unorthodox definitions and explanations that are promised to provide elevation of the mind. Terrance J King Sr. has triumphed over the most unimaginable, inescapable dead-end roads that there are to travel. Each quote is hand crafted and conceived based off the multitude of experiences gathered from the personal counseling he has provided, panels he has been a part of, and sermons he has given.
This book is for those in need of inspirational motivation to reach their personal achievements, spiritual growth, and the foundation to excel in business endeavors. The words contained within this manuscript are so loud, powerful, and potent, they can be heard through each page. As an added bonus, this volume has allotted a note section in the final pages in the event you are so inclined to make reference for your future self, or even others. Let it be known, this is a book from which to learn or teach, which ever most suits you.
Quotes that Provoke a Better Way of Living
Quotes that Provoke a Better Way of Living


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