Remote Wonders: An Explorer’s Guide to Southeast Oregon

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At first, the basalt rims, high cold deserts, dry lakes, and vast expanses of grass and sage seem to be a barren realm. In fact, petite flowers bloom on rock shelves. Tiny organisms thrive in hot springs and salt water. Unique soil collects and retains water, allowing ancient pine stands to survive. Pikas build miniature grass haystacks to store winter food. Petroglyphs and remnants of ranches, mills, and mines provide evidence of human history. Indeed, remote southeast Oregon is a rich wonderland of mountains, forests, creatures, and more–one well worth exploring. Born and raised in Oregon’s Outback, the author’s affection for the region shines through. He designed “Remote Wonders” as a road tour guide, and his essays and numerous photos highlight notable natural and historical features. Supplemental information includes side trip and other travel recommendations, and a pull-out map is keyed to selected sites

Remote Wonders: An Explorer’s Guide to Southeast Oregon
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