Silk Road: A haunting story of adventure, romance and courage (EPIC HISTORICAL FICTION)


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‘A magisterial tale.’ – UK Daily Mail

The Holy Land, 1260.

A templar knight, on an impossible embassy from the Holy Island to the legendary Xanadu. The mission: to save Europe from the Mongol horde.

Josseran Sarrazini is chosen to escort the Pope’s emissary to meet Khublai Khan and make a peace that will turn back the Tatar invasion threatening all Christendom.

To do it he must do what no other Christian has done – travel the Silk Road, from Palestine, across the endless deserts of Persia, through the black hurricanes of the Taklimakan, over the Roof of the World to Cathay – China.

Death invites at every turn.

The emissary, a fanatical Dominican priest, hinders each move he makes. And then there is the Tatar princess, and her gift for prophesy, who tells him that he is fated never to return home.
A story that will stay with you long after you turn the final page. An ending that will leave you stunned.

From the Storehouse of Winds to the Palace of Myriad Tranquilities, over the Pamirs and Hindu Kush to the legendary Shang’tu and the dazzling court of Khublai Khan, this is romance and adventure on a breath-taking scale, in the tradition of Clavell, Michener and Iggulden.

From internationally bestselling author Colin Falconer, SILK ROAD has so far been translated into eight languages and has topped bestseller lists in Germany and Spain.

“It is living history at its best, fictionalized yet immensely believable.’ – Alan Gold, Good Reading.

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Silk Road: A haunting story of adventure, romance and courage (EPIC HISTORICAL FICTION)


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