Six Factors to Fit: Weight Loss that Works for You!


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Convert your weight-gaining factors into weight-losing habits

Tired of going on and off diets? Struggling with your weight? In this book, leading weight-management expert Dr Robert Kushner shares his novel way of tackling weight that starts with YOU: your lifestyle, your habits, your mindset. Through his latest research and development of the scientifically-validated Six Factor Quiz, he discovered the six factors that end up being major barriers to successful weight management. Once you know your factors, you ll get a personalized weight loss plan to help you eat better, be more active, gain energy, improve your mood, boost confidence, and find the fun in healthy living.

Dr Kushner learned long ago that generic weight loss advice doesn’t work well for most people. Since managing weight is personal, influenced by your likes and dislikes, goals, and personal challenges, doesn’t it make sense that the program should be tailor-made for YOU?

Six Factors to Fit addresses all aspects of how you approach and live your life that can get in the way of losing weight and keeping it off (for example, unhealthy eating, inactivity, insufficient sleep, low energy, unhealthy stress response, neglected self-care, ineffective coping skills, a poor body image, or feeling stigmatized by your weight).

Six Factors to Fit uses a progressive approach, taking your current diet and habits and guiding you with nudges and tweaks to make your lifestyle healthier.

Six Factors to Fit shows you how to build your own heathy-eating meal plan based on your personal tastes and food preferences – a plan that can be altered whenever boredom sets in or your needs change.

Six Factors to Fit offers you the latest breakthroughs in the changing fields of lifestyle medicine, nutrition, exercise science, psychology, biology, and behavior change and tailors them to your personal factors to support your success in losing weight and keeping it off.

Six Factors to Fit: Weight Loss that Works for You!


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