Teaching When the World Is on Fire


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In this inspiring collection, the award-winning, bestselling author―and MacArthur genius―gathers all-star advice for K–12 teachers on engaging students around today’s toughest issues

Is it okay to discuss politics in class? What are constructive ways to help young people process the daily news coverage of sexual assault? How can educators engage students around Black Lives Matter? Climate change? Confederate statue controversies? Immigration? Hate speech?

Lisa Delpit’s Other People’s Children, a classic text on cultural slippage in classrooms, has sold over a quarter million copies. In Teaching When the World Is on Fire, Delpit now turns to a host of crucial issues facing teachers in these tumultuous times. Delpit’s master-teacher wisdom tees up guidance from beloved, well-known educators along with insight from dynamic principals and classroom teachers tackling difficult topics in K–12 schools every day.

This honest and rich collection brings together essential observations on safety from Pedro Noguera and Carla Shalaby; incisive ideas on traversing politics from William Ayers and Mica Pollock; Christopher Emdin’s instructive views on respecting and connecting with black and brown students; Hazel Edwards’s crucial insight about safe spaces for transgender and gender-nonconforming students; and James W. Loewen’s sage suggestions about exploring symbols of the South; as well as timely thoughts from Bill Bigelow on teaching the climate crisis―and on the students and teachers fighting for environmental justice.

An energizing volume that speaks to our contentious world and the necessary conversations we all must have about it, Teaching When the World Is on Fire is sure to inspire teachers to support their students in navigating the current events, cultural shifts, and social dilemmas that shape our communities and our country.

Table of Contents

Lisa Delpit

Politics Matters

I Shall Create!
William Ayers

Teaching Politics in the Age of Trump
Justin Christensen

The Three Illusions
Julia Putnam

Standing Up Against Hate
Mica Pollock

Yes, Race and Politics Belong in the Classroom
H. Richard Milner IV

Safety Matters

Cops or Counselors?
Pedro A. Noguera

How Hurricane Harvey Altered My Perspective as a Teacher
Jeff Collier

I Was Raised to Believe Education Could Keep Me Safe
fredrick scott salyers

Calling on Omar
Carla Shalaby

School Justice
T. Elijah Hawkes

Race Matters

Don’t Say Nothing
Jamilah Pitts

Black Teachers, Black Youth, and Reality Pedagogy
Christopher Emdin

How One Elementary School Sparked a Citywide Movement to Make Black Students: Lives Matter
Wayne Au and Jesse Hagopian

The Fire
Sarah Ishmael and Jonathan Tunstall in conversation

Engaging and Embracing Black Parents
Allyson Criner Brown

Who Do I Belong To?
Natalie Labossiere

To My Sons’ Future Teacher, Colleague, Sister/Brother, Co-madre, Maestra, Comrade, Friend
Crystal T. Laura

Gender and Sex Ed Matter

Sexual Harassment and the Collateral Beauty of Resistance
Camila Arze Torres Goitia

Believe Me the First Time
Dale Weiss

Nothing About Us, Without Us, Is for Us
Hazel Edwards and Maya Lindberg in conversation

Climate Matters

Climate Science Meets a Stubborn Obstacle: Students
Amy Harmon

Teachers vs. Climate Change
Bill Bigelow

Culture Matters

Teaching Middle School Students to Advocate
Carolina Drake

Why I Teach Diverse Literature
Noah Cho

Love for Syria
Cami Touloukian

Correct(ed): Confederate Public History
James Loewen

Creating Inclusive Classrooms for Muslim Children
Deborah Almontaser

Appendix: Books on Immigration for Young Readers
Jay Fung

Teaching When the World Is on Fire
Teaching When the World Is on Fire


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