The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Survival Guide to Help Teens Improve Their Motivation and Confidence. How to Self-Regulate Hyperactivity and Focus on Success


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Everyone experiences a break in our concentration from time to time. This is perfectly normal and adjustments for these variations are relatively easy for most people.

Many with ADHD are able to shift between these varying states of attentiveness quickly and easily. It doesn’t take a lot of structure or planning; their brains just shift gears in much the same way an automatic car’s transmission does. The adjustment is barely noticeable. They can shift from a hyper-focused state of mind and back to normal, then shift down to a near vegetative state and back with no problem at all.

However, for a very small percentage of people, this ability to shift comes far too easily. They find it difficult to sit and tune into an object or zero in on a task for an extended period of time. At the other end of the spectrum, they could also slip into that almost catatonic state and end up straddled with an almost paralyzing inability to function or move even the slightest. Once they fall into either of these mental states it is a fight to snap back to the normalcy that the average person can do so easily. When they do, they may find it extremely difficult to stay focused on anything for any length of time. Sometimes, their mind will wander after only a few seconds on a task and other times it could be so in tune that it is difficult to pull them off point.

It is for these people that this book is written.

Those people who can’t control their mental wanderings and have difficulty pulling themselves back from the brink of oblivion from one moment to the next.

This book covers:

  • The Truth About ADHD
  • ADHD In School
  • Defining Yourself By What You Can Do
  • Finding A Good Match For Your Skills
  • How Do You Use Your Time
  • Daily Planning
  • Exercises
  • Ways To Help You Make Good Choice In School

…And much more!

As a child, they were diagnosed as having a mental disorder called ADD or ADHD. Many seem to grow out of it when they become adults, but new theories seem to show that rather than “grow out of it” they instead learn how to use it. As a child, they were probably labeled as unmotivated by teachers and lazy by well-meaning parents. This inability to focus was often coupled with uncontrollable bursts of energy that propelled them to move at some of the most inopportune times. As children, there was the frustration of teachers and administrators alike. They found it difficult to do the boring and mundane tasks often asked by many students. Once they mastered a skill, their sense of accomplishment was over and they were all ready to learn something else, something new and different.

As adults, this condition presents itself in different ways. They may find themselves unable to take on a task and stick to it for hours or days at a time. They may have good days where everything they do is right and days when everything they do is wrong.

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The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Survival Guide to Help Teens Improve Their Motivation and Confidence. How to Self-Regulate Hyperactivity and Focus on Success


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