The Greatest Secret of Success: The Master Key to Creating Your Future and Building Your Life with Power and Authority


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A story is told of an estate community which was made up of several occupants, who duly acquired their apartments/houses for a great price and it was a masterpiece with all forms of modern facilities including private swimming pools, indoor and outdoor sport facilities, electric fencing, mini garden etc.

However, they only-soon-after discovered that a monster/an evil ghost was terrorizing the estate and this has lead to the death of many occupants in different families. A family recently left their beautiful apartment to an unknown destination; they ran for their dear lives- saying “without life can a person succeed?”- The answer is obvious. They forsook their property without a plan to return, if they can be safe where they are.

While the remnant occupants, many of who had no place to run to, wish the attack stops but it did not. The attacks usually came in different forms and can leave anyone dead; it can even destroy a beautiful occasion publicly, and many people are getting to be aware of the situation.

Many of the occupants themselves believe in God and are hopeful that God shall deliver them from the attacks of the monster and stop the monster; allowing them to live a better /secured life happily. They forget to ask themselves if those who have been killed were worst sinners and if God refused to save them.

You may say the remaining occupants/owners are foolish and jokers, and if not they should find a quick and better solution to the monsters before they all get killed; even if it is to seek help from specialists or through an open challenge for whoever can help them destroy the monster for a fee.

So it is with the world today, legal occupants: friends, neighbors etc are been killed on the daily basis by evil in different forms and manifestations- it is getting worst on the daily basis. It is really alarming. Many people believe there is no solution. Is there any problem without a solution? The answer is no.

Instead of people to find solution(s) to the prevailing evil-monster in whatever form, some of them say they are ready to die- and go to heaven because there is joy in heaven. Some of them say ‘it is God that gives and takes lives’. Others have become masters of complainers and believe that God will deliver them from the monster one day or whenever He wants.

Some people don’t know that it is their responsibility to find and so what it takes for the possibilities they desire or deserve. They constantly live in fear and/or false hopes of being saved without a definite plan: action, or instruction to be obeyed to guarantee their lives/success of future.

If “the best way to predict the future is to create it”- according to Abraham Lincoln, and every success is a disruption of an existing status quo and may be from one point of success or failure to another, then you urgently need the Greatest Secret of Success and the Master Key to Creating Your Future and Building Your Life with Power and Authority.

Hence it is my greatest pleasure to honour you with this secret of success that is actually the greatest discovery of the 21st Century. It’s the game changer.

To borrow from the words of Peter Thiel: “We have to find a way back to a definite future. And the world needs nothing short of a cultural revolution to do it.”

In building your future with the Greatest Secret of Success, you are also building or creating the future of the world with great accuracy.

This is more than a BOOK; it is a system of power revealed for the expression of your greatness.

With this secret of success, you don’t only survive, you prosper and you do not only prosper, you are highly and completely succeed because it is the deployment of the 12 known universal laws that does not fail.

And more importantly, if you want to avoid the unjust tyranny of chance because you are not a lottery ticket, this is YOUR BEST UPTAKE EVER.


The Greatest Secret of Success: The Master Key to Creating Your Future and Building Your Life with Power and Authority
The Greatest Secret of Success: The Master Key to Creating Your Future and Building Your Life with Power and Authority


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