The Zeolite Detox: Your Guide To Eliminating Harmful Toxins And Heavy Metals


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Your body is full of harmful substances that could cause your holistic health to falter in the long run.

It’s no secret that no matter how hard you try to avoid heavy metals, BPAs, and free radicals, it’s likely that you’ll still come into contact with them. You may think that there’s no reason for you to worry just yet. After all, you’re not seeing any tell-tale signs that it’s affecting your health. However, these factors can cause a host of wellness issues in the long run.

While it’s nearly impossible for you to avoid them completely, nothing should stop you from taking precautionary measures. Anna Victoria Rogers, a holistic living advocate and bestselling author, spills the secrets to living in purity. This handbook walks you through everything you need to know about purging unwanted substances from your body using Zeolite.

Zeolite is a precious mineral with thousands of years of history behind it. Despite getting shelved for a few decades, the catalyst is believed to have magnetic properties. It’s intended to work by pulling free radicals and unwanted matter from your body. Cleansing with Zeolite helps minimize disruptions to your holistic health. The result? A well-balanced mind, body, and soul that is more open to positive experiences.

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to experience their best selves and live their life to the fullest. Heavy metal components weigh you down more significantly than you think. And purging yourself of these unhealthy irritants can help provide you with the clarity that you need to pursue the finer things in life.

This guide to an overall sound health talks about:

✅ The medical uses of Zeolite

✅ How to cleanse with this mineral

✅ Its health benefits

✅ The fascinating history and use of zeolite throughout the years

✅ The difference between zeolite, activated charcoal and bentonite clay

✅ The structure of zeolite

✅ Top Ten health benefits of Zeolite

✅ Zeolite and Heavy Metals

✅ Zeolite and it’s effect on mold

✅ Choosing the right Zeolite

plus lots more

Rediscover how Zeolite can change your life. Add The Magnetic Detox: A Guide to Cleansing with Zeolite to your cart NOW!

The Zeolite Detox: Your Guide To Eliminating Harmful Toxins And Heavy Metals


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