Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia: The Mansoojat Foundation Collection

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  • A resplendent selection of garments from the many tribes who call Saudi Arabia home
  • Developed in partnership with the Mansoojat Foundation: a charity dedicated to preserving ethnic textiles and designs
  • An informative, accessible and beautiful celebration of culture

Born out of fourteen years of collaboration with the Mansoojat Foundation, this book pays homage to Saudi Arabia's rich textile heritage. From the Labah Sadr of the Bal Harith tribe (a silver necklace decorated with colored glass beads, often recycled from old car lights) to the resplendent jasmine headdresses worn by the Jazan, Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia captures the stunning scope of traditional accessories and garb.

Bright colors, bold patterns, intricate detail and eye-catching designs – the beauty of Arabian textiles is undeniable. Yet many in the western world do not appreciate the extent to which costume and culture are intertwined. Each headdress, thobe and necklace is an expression of identity, incorporating Islamic, Indian, Indonesian, Malay and Chinese influences that date back to the days of the Silk Road. Preserving costumes that are no longer worn and celebrating those which remain at the heart of communities, this book provides valuable insight into the history of Saudi Arabia through the voices of its oldest inhabitants.

Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia: The Mansoojat Foundation Collection
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