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In this kingdom we live both in terms of the longevity of our lives and the quality of the life in function of faith. Severally in the ministry of Jesus, we see him telling people that the reality they desired was according to their faith not according to his ability, we spoke a bit about the word of God and some of the conviction that has surrounded the word of God and how many people indoctrinate themselves religiously and never grow in the knowledge of the word. God’s ultimate desires is not that we have this in our heart but his ultimate desires is that we become an expression of him, till we become the pages of scripture in reality, the apostles called the living epistles, we become expression of what the bible is saying, so that even if I forgot my bible at home, I will not have to weep because my life is an expression of him. I can walk to someone and use my life to read John 14:12 for him, my life becomes the manifestation of the scripture so that the people can see that the word has become flesh and it is able to dwell among men. Once we take this bible and wrongly indoctrinate ourselves and think that the power is just in the cramming of scriptures, don’t get me wrong, it is important too but the power is not in the cramming of scripture, you think you are powerful just in the memory of scripture. They heard all the word but they did not receive him, the essence of studying of God’s word is to come to a point where we can have an encounter with the word of God, the word of God is not just the speaking of God, not just the writings of God but from the word ‘logos’ meaning the intentions of a man, so when we say that you have received the word of God that means you have submitted that your life becomes an expression of God’s idea and intentions. A word-carrying believer is not a memory verse crammer but one who has subjected himself under the influence of the word.
We are going to be looking at the dynamics of faith, we saw how faith works. It never tires me to help people understand the dynamics of faith.
Understanding Faith
Understanding Faith


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