UNMUZZLED: Escaping Sexual Sin – Satan’s Grip on Men

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“Every man should read this book!” ~ Josh McDowell

With stories of fast cars, wet matches, pastors, airline pilots and celebrities, this is not your average “church” message on freedom from porn…but it should be! In UNMUZZLED, J.S. Shelton takes a gut-punching message and boldly shows men how to finally go ALL-IN with God. It’s raw truth with real direction.

  • Are you a Christian, but continue to struggle with sexual temptation and lust? 
  • Is pornography a reoccurring struggle in your life?
  • Are you sexually active, but not married?
  • Have you committed adultery, but cannot fathom confessing it?  
  • Are you someone who has tried everything, but still struggle sexually? 

What if sexual sin is holding you hostage from God’s appointed destiny for your life?

This message will quickly show you:
✓  How to actually conquer and stay S.A.F.E from all sexual temptation
✓  How to recognize God’s presence in your struggle
✓  How to cut things out of your life that cause you stumble
✓  How to confess sin and eradicate strongholds in your life
✓  Finally, how to be used by God to help others

Whether it is pornography, masturbation, fornication, same-sex attraction, adultery, or lust in general…sexual sin is restraining men (and women more than ever now) all over the world.  Why is it that hundreds of books have been written, thousands of sermons preached, and millions of prayers prayed against sexual immorality…but instead of witnessing an uprising, we are tolerating a backsliding. 
Get ready to drop Hell’s most celebrated sin in your life! This muzzling grip is hell-bent on preventing you from reaching all God has for you. Unmuzzled is a time-sensitive and prophetic warning written specifically to men who call themselves Christians.

This message is appropriate for ages 13+

UNMUZZLED: Escaping Sexual Sin – Satan’s Grip on Men
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