#wanderlust: The World’s 500 Most Unforgettable Travel Destinations

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Plan your next unforgettable trip with this lush, boldly designed, full-color compendium covering more than 500 memorable destinations that offers personal insights, information, invaluable advice, and where to take the most Instagram-worthy photos.

From the most Insta-worthy global backdrops to the best places to relax and feel inspired with fellow travelers, #wanderlust is a carefully curated selection of the world’s hottest travel spots. Writer and traveler Sabina Trojanova shares her biggest travel tips and tricks, trendy destinations, and more. With #wanderlust you’ll know where to go, why you need to travel there, what to see, and what to do at a glance before you book.

Each destination is accompanied by an iconic, eye-catching, in-the-moment image (500 color photos in all) and an inspiring quote or captivating caption, as well as concise, practical pointers, and key tips—from what to pack to the best time of year to visit.

#wanderlust also offers everything you need to help you find your ideal destination in easy-to-navigate sections and chapters, whether you’re looking for that Perfect Urban Location, Tropical Beach Escape, Cultural Immersion, Space to Roam, Conscious Traveling Experience, or an Adventurous Postcard from the Edge. In addition, you’ll find:

  • Ideal breaks for Millennial meets Generation Z aspirations
  • A curated selection of some of the hottest travel trends for 2020 and beyond
  • Incredible but accessible destinations for budget or multi-trip travelers

Whether you’re looking to get lost exploring Belize’s off-the-beaten-track beaches or yearn to stroll along the quaint cobbled streets of Tbilisi, Georgia, #wanderlust will inspire you to get away for a weekend, an extended vacation, or a lifetime of adventure.


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aurora borelias

aurora borelias



High quality photography to bring out your inner explorer

500 in-the-moment travel images take you on a trip to the world’s most memorable spots, alongside personal insights and invaluable advice on how to travel in a way that suits you, your budget, your friends, and more.

Discover unique destinations for your travel to-do

Divided into 6 sections of trendy locations – including Tropical Beach Escape, Postcard from the Edge, and Cultural Immersion – #Wanderlust makes incredible once-in-a-lifetime destinations accessible.

Take a trip that is Insta-perfect

Popular Instagram travelers with huge followings come together to share their biggest travel tips, tricks, and trendy destination favorites that are perfect for a weekend getaway, an extended vacation, or a lifelong adventure.

#wanderlust: The World’s 500 Most Unforgettable Travel Destinations
#wanderlust: The World’s 500 Most Unforgettable Travel Destinations
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