Woman Be Wild: The path to feminine awakening, empowerment, and freedom

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Exploring the dire consequences of cultural conditioning and feminine suppression, Woman Be Wild takes readers on a healing journey to wholeness by reconnecting women to their natural sexuality and true Wild nature. Indigo examines the demands and effects of our culture and how it has severed our fundamental connection to the Earth, the feminine, our sexuality, and our spirituality. Detailing the process of shedding limiting beliefs and oppressive conditioning, she provides encouragement, support, and a gentle push for her readers to return to their Wild, natural state of being. Readers will learn how to cultivate a deeper relationship with their physical bodies and sexuality, their subtle senses and intuition, the Earth and their spiritual connection to all of life. Indigo reveals how by healing this connection and restoring balance in ourselves, we unlock our individual keys and become vessels for creating a New Earth.Woman Be Wild is a journey of feminine awakening, empowerment, and freedom. It dissolves the shaming of sex and commands that we put an end to patriarchal rule and feminine suppression. The text explains that to do this, we must un-define what it means to be a woman and free women to express themselves fully, diversely, and authentically so they can embrace who they really are and reclaim their Wild, feminine power.

Woman Be Wild: The path to feminine awakening, empowerment, and freedom
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