World History: World History, Europe (World History Series Book 1)


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We’ve come so far since our prehistoric beginnings. The world we know today is unlike anything past generations have witnessed and experienced. And yet, we all share a common history. Hence, it goes without saying that learning the history of the world is something we all owe to ourselves, especially if we want to better understand the society we live in today.

World History: History of the World: Ancient History in Mesopotamia to Modern History – The Events, People and Leaders that Shaped Our Planet (Renaissance, … Alexander the Great, Sumerians Book 1)

Follow humankind through the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, Age of Discovery, and the French and American Revolutions.
Meet the historical personalities that propelled us forward including Buddha, Confucius, Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther, and Karl Marx.
A fascinating tale of human emergence, survival, and growth. Of our colorful past. Of world history.


Europe: European History: The Most Important Leaders, Events, & People Through “European History” That Shaped Europe and Eventually Became the: European … Napoleon, Hitler, Communism, Newton Book 1)
3rd edition – updated and with added content

Discover how disease, disaster, politics, and innovation ensured Europe’s development into Modern times.

Dip into European history today and learn about the people, technological advancements, tragedies, and events that shaped modern thinking and the foundation of today’s democratic Europe.

World History: World History, Europe (World History Series Book 1)
World History: World History, Europe (World History Series Book 1)


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