YOGA – A PATHWAY TO PEACE: What can I do for world peace?


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Around someone who is established in ahimsa -non-violence or peace- conflicts end (Patanjali Yoga Sutras)

According to Yoga philosophy it is said that this is the answer to the question: What can I do for world peace?

The most important factor to achieve peace is not the Government or the politics that a country has, but the realization of peace inside each person. Peace does not exist in Constitutions, nor can it be negotiated. It cannot be signed on paper: it is planted in the heart and multiplied in others. That is why it is only achieved when there is -a critical mass of people that has achived a state of inner peace. If such inner peace does not exist in all members of a society, external peace cannot exist. That is why Confucius said:
To achieve world peace, nations must be in peace; and in order for this to take place, cities must be in peace. For cities to be in peace, families must be in peace. And for this, individuals in the families must be in peace.

We constantly create the world we see outside. Everything we see outside is a reflection of what we have inside ourselves. Therefore, changing the world from the outside is as utopian as cleaning the mirror when our face is dirty.

The strategy to achieve the peace that Gandhi taught was: We must be the change we want to see in the world.

If we want to do something effective for world peace, the best thing to do is to achieve a state of inner as individuals so that we may then transmit it to our closest ones,and expand those vibrations to all humanity.

This is a synthesis of our book "Yoga and Ayurveda for peace" and describes in a clear and brief way, how to achieve a state of inner peace according to Yoga philosophy, and in that way to actively contribute to world peace.

YOGA – A PATHWAY TO PEACE: What can I do for world peace?
YOGA – A PATHWAY TO PEACE: What can I do for world peace?


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