Your Brain on Story: The Destructive Seduction of the Hero’s Journey


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Once in a lifetime a truth is revealed which propels you into a shocking new consciousness, upending accepted ideas of your very existence. That truth is in this book.

We live in an amazing world with a vast and vibrant landscape of possibility. But we don’t often experience the profound sensations and excitement of life, and that’s because we have a navigation problem. Our minds have been programmed to live an anxious, routine, and restrained existence.

In a simple, yet paradoxically profound way, Your Brain on Story charts a path toward a life without dispiriting illusions and delusions. It transports readers to a coffee shop where a fascinating conversation between friends illuminates how to escape your limiting self-story and create an exciting life in harmony with your innermost desires and values.

Provocative and engrossing, Your Brain on Story reveals how to transform your relationship with yourself and the world and do what you really want to do with your life. You’ll discover why:

Certainty is the killer of curiosity

Comparison is the killer of compassion

Comfort is the killer of creativity

And so much more…

Your Brain on Story: The Destructive Seduction of the Hero’s Journey


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