Zoos of the Midwest: A Travel Guide of 28 Midwestern Zoos and Photo Book of Their Animals (Zoos: A Photo Book and Guide)

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Modern zoos have evolved into scientific organizations championing conservation efforts, animal husbandry, and education. Additionally, they are delightful destinations for animal lovers and families to spend a day experiencing personal encounters with animals from around the globe that they may never get to see in their everyday lives. Photographer Stephen Toothman is on a mission to enlighten readers as to why it is important to support local zoos as well as about the value zoos add to animal welfare and zoological research efforts. He is a zoo enthusiast who shares in-depth features, historical information, and the groundbreaking conservation efforts happening at the 28 zoos in this photo book and guide that will have you in awe of the hard work going on behind the scenes.Zoos of the Midwest provides you with a solid foundation of Midwest zoos and highlights the research and education goals of these responsible institutions. Exploring various sites in detail, you will learn about the charm of smaller collections and the thrill of large locations with numerous attractions. And by following along with Toothman on his fascinating trip around the region, you will become an expert on the amazing impact of these extraordinary places. In Zoos of the Midwest, you will discover: Nearly 300 pictures of animals from around the world, giving you a gorgeous insider’s view. The ways you can help critical the conservation activities that ensure the future of endangered species. Why zoo membership is important and the perks you and your family can enjoy. A guidebook to accredited exhibitions so you can visit and aid their essential work. How zoological gardens protect rare specimens, safeguard them from external dangers, nurture their welfare, and much, much more!. A portion of every sale is donated to the zoos featured in this guide. Zoos of the Midwest is the fabulous first installment in the Zoos: A Photo Book and Guide series bringing these specialized organizations to life. If you like beautiful images, educational descriptions, and inspirational conservation efforts, then you will love Stephen Toothman’s informative guidebook.

Zoos of the Midwest: A Travel Guide of 28 Midwestern Zoos and Photo Book of Their Animals (Zoos: A Photo Book and Guide)
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