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Are you a fan of sports? Do you like to read books about sports? As we all know, sports is one of those things that many people like. Famous sports like cricket, football, rugby, and basketball have a huge fan following. Some people like to play while others like to watch. Moreover, some writers enjoy writing about different sports.

We have collected five books to add to the reading list 2021 on sports for all sports lovers.

What Are Our Recommended Books?

1. “The Mamba Mentality” by Kobe Bryant.

The author is a basketball player who has playing basketball in NBA for about 20 years. In his basketball career, he was known as “the black mamba” for his aggressive approach. He was the youngest player to be drafted, and just after two years, he became an all-star player.

Following are the key points observed in his book.

  • Hard work is the key to greatness.
  • Details are important if you want to improve.
  • Your mind should also be trained along with your body for improvement.
  • The approach to greatness remains the same while the techniques and methods can be changed.
  • There is another game within the game.
  • A good player knows how to push teammates to succeed.
  • A great player can improve the weaknesses.
  • New techniques are as important as speed and strength.

Why Read “The Mamba Mentality” By Kobe Bryant?

This book is written in a very casual style that makes the reader feel connected and have a look into Kobe’s life. If you’re a fan of basketball or Kobe Bryant, this is a must-add to your reading list 2021 on sports.

2. “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.

The book “Into Thin Air” is an expedition of explorers of how they survived while climbing Mount Everest.

Krakauer was one of the first ones to climb to the top. He hurries back to his camp to rest when he realizes that a disaster is about to unfold before him. A storm passes, leaving several climbers dead and many of them missing. He finds his way home but is left traumatized by the incidents of that unfortunate day.

Why Read “Into Thin Air” By Jon Krakauer?

Climbing a summit is an extreme sport in which people enjoy climbing high mountain regions. If you are a fan of mountaineering, you should add this book to your reading list 2021 on sports.

3. “The League” by John Eisenberg.

The book “The League” tells us how the national football league started. It introduces the people who started the business and how each of their personalities and backgrounds began the success of the national football league.

Tim Mara, George Preston Marshall, George Halas, Art Rooney, and Bert Bell were the five people who started it. When they launched it, they didn’t have much luck as professional football was not popular and was considered toxic for college football. But these five men had a different point of view, and they believed that there was a place for professional football out there. So, they kept putting their money into it. The owners made changes in the rules of the game, which made it even more interesting.

Why read “The League” by John Eisenberg?

This book helps to understand what struggles were made to establish the football enterprise and how they built professional football differently from college football. If you are a football fan, this book is a must-add to your reading list 2021 on sports.

4. “The Sports Gene” by David Epstein.

In this book, the author believes that psychology has an impact on how well a person can play sports, and every achievement in sports is not based on hard work. People usually wonder why others can play better than them. It affects how well and how much you can improve. It will be surprised to hear that malaria has a huge impact on how fast Africans can run. You will also learn how genes affect how much you enjoy exercising or going to the gym.

Here are the following points discussed in the book

  • You should know what your body type, among another genesis. This will help you decide in which sports you can excel.
  • How much you are willing to train and how much you achieved genetically!
  • In Africa, their bodies are in such a way that makes them run faster than the rest of the world.

Why read “The Sports Gene” by David Epstein?

This is the type of book which will make you put on your running shoes or basketball shorts, and will make u get up and play. This book helps in understanding your body better and how you can do better in sports. If you want a body suited for playing sports, then you should add this book to your reading list 2021 on sports.

5. “Think Like a Warrior” by Darrin Donnelly.

In this book, the author says that he should have a warrior mindset if a person wants to achieve his goals or dreams. He should stop acting like a victim and should think like a warrior. The author tells the story of a coach who is on the verge of getting bankrupt, and he does not know what wrong he has been doing and how to make it right. Then he receives a visit from the greatest coaches existing. The five coaches then teach him how he can take control of his life and start thinking like a warrior.

Given below are the things that you will learn after reading this book.

  • How you can boost your self-confidence.
  • How to be mentally strong.
  • Start every day enthusiastically and joyfully.
  • How to keep a positive attitude in everything.
  • How to be the person you wished to be.

Who should read “Think Like a Warrior”? and why?

Any person who is struggling and can not figure out how to bring their lives back on track should add this book to their reading list 2021 on sports. So, they can take a life lesson from it and achieve more in their lives.

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